Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding

You have many questions and many things that you want to know, but do not fret about the things that you don’t understand, says the Lord.  Give them to Me.  I will give you the wisdom and knowledge and understanding that you need for every decision that you have to make that is too hard for you. It is not too hard for Me.  I Am the all-wise, ever-present,  all-knowing, almighty God, and I will supply your need.  I will give you the answers that you have need of.  Rely on Me and trust in Me.  I will not fail you, and as you follow My lead, you will not fail, either, says the Lord.

My voice is the still, small voice on the inside of you, says the LORD.  You will feel that nudge and prompting within and that is My Spirit, leading and guiding you subtly along.  Be still and listen, for I have never failed to speak to you and direct your path.  I will not abandon you in the difficult times.  As you move forward and follow My lead, you will be able to look back at the things that you are going through now and see that it was My hand and My voice that helped you through and got you safely to the other side.  Trust in me at all times, and do not depend upon a LOUD voice.  Trust in My still small voice on the inside of you.  I have always been with you, and you have seen the difficulties that I have helped you to overcome.  You are overcoming now.  Just keep moving forward and keep believing and keep trusting and keep relying on Me, and soon you will be out of the darkness and see the dawning of a new and brighter day, says the Lord.

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