I Am Your Helper

I am the One Who stands alongside to help you and show you the way, for I Am your counselor, says the Lord. I Am your help. I Am the Almighty God, and nothing is too hard for Me. Nothing takes Me by surprise, and no power can conquer Me. Trust in Me and ask Me for wisdom and counsel and listen to My voice within. Shut off the illegitimate voices that are screaming for your attention and hear My still, small voice within. For I will direct you and give you peace. My Way is the way of peace. My way is higher. You can lean on Me and depend on Me, for I will never lead you astray.  I will be your guide continually as you entrust Me with your total care, and take the steps that are before you that I order.  They will bring order to your life, and everything will fall into place that seemed to be nonsensical. You will see this, and My purpose for these steps will become clear, and My will shall be revealed to you, says the Lord.

Do not trust in your own knowledge, understanding and abilities or the abilities of others, for that is inferior to Mine that are unfailing. Do not lean upon the arms of the flesh. Lean on Me!  I cannot fail you and as you lean upon Me, and let Me handle your concerns.  I will do it. My thoughts are higher than yours, and I will download My higher thoughts into you and show you My higher ways. Give me the reins of your life and follow My lead, and you will be fulfilled, furnished onto ever good work that I have assigned to you, and provisioned and equipped by My Spirit in you to do all things, and do them successfully. Enter into My peace and rest and do not let the circumstances control you. Be led by My Spirit and boldly proclaim that I Am your God. I Am your inexhaustible source, your shield,  and exceeding, great reward.  Allow Me do the leading as you simply follow Me in simple, dependent, child-like faith, says the Lord.

For though you are stretched, I do not want you stressed, says the Lord. I Am enlarging you and your capacity as I expand you and prepare you to be as I Am, more than enough! I will give you more than enough to conquer and overcome. I will cause you to overwhelm the enemy, not just push him back. Yes, I will make you more than enough as I empower you and give you great grace. You will be able to conquer as I cause you to be triumphant. You will be bigger than your opponents and have greater power than your enemies, and I will give you the increase as you are expanded and ready to go forward, and possess your personal land of promise, says the Lord.

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