I Will Preserve You

I will preserve you as you put your trust in Me, says the Lord. Yes, I will preserve you from all evil.  I Am your keeper that does not slumber nor sleep.  I will always lead you and guide you continually.  Put your faith and trust in Me at all times.  Do not limit Me by what you see or feel or hear or even think, for I Am unlimited.  My ways are higher than your ways.  My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.  I Am able to do anything, and I do all things well.  I will provision you.  Do not look at the impossibilities.  Look unto Me.  I created the universe and it belongs to Me.  I created the earth, and it is Mine.  All that is in it belongs to Me and is in My control.  Though everything may seem to be out of control, I have not ceased to be in control of all things.  I created everything, and nothing is hid from Me.  I created you, and you are not too difficult for Me.  I know the way that you take, know every need that you have and Am abundantly able to supply all of them according to My riches that be in glory, says the Lord.

Do not try to understand how I Am able to take care of you, says the Lord. Just trust in My ever present help in times of your trouble. Trust that I Am preparing a place for you.  Trust that I will not withhold any good thing from you.  I will supply your need.  I will.  I know just how to do it.  Give up on trying to do it yourself and let Me have the controls of your life.  For Nothing is too hard for Me, though it is impossible for you.  Nothing is too big or too small for Me. I Am a God of detail and everything that pertains to you is important to Me.  I will leave nothing out.  Let your mind be stayed on Me, and I will strengthen you and give you peace that will sustain you through all the uncertainties of your life, bring you into your destiny in Me, and cause you to embrace your highest heart’s desire.  Take Me at My word and believe that I will supply all of your needs and preserve you from all harm in these uncertain times, says the Lord.

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