A New Day

It is a new day with fresh new vision, says the Lord.  You have been walking in darkness and defeat long enough. You have wallowed in depression far to long. The long night of your wrestling is over.  The dawning of the new day is upon you.  The freshness of My light and life encompasses you.  It is the light of a new day as My Spirit radiates it’s power upon you and penetrates you with the thrill of exploration. Embrace the new. You didn’t want to stay in the old, did you?  Don’t even look back.  There is only blackness and struggle behind you.  Look ahead and look up.  All you will see is hope. All you will realize is the excitement of adventure.  Go forth into this new day that I have given you with expectations of greatness and glory that will only increase.  Go forward with the power of My Spirit that propels you onward with curiosity and great desire for what is ahead.  Move further and further away from the darkness behind you as your peripheral vision is widened and the range of your sight can now see far beyond where you presently stand in Me.  No more threats of stumbling in the dark.  The path is radiant with My glory and the abundance of My presence.  Peace cannot evade you.  This is your day.  Look!  It is a beautiful horizon, and the increase of My joy is upon you, says the Lord.

The vision is not boring and mundane, says the Lord.  Secret treasures await for your discovery and unveiling of those things that I have prepared for you.  Go ahead and shout for joy!  Leap with anticipation.  For the sorrow is a yesterday thing.  The bleakness is gone.  The way is clear and bright.  This is what you have been waiting for and the liberty of being unburdened and carefree in this season is a now time for you.  Laugh and rejoice, for morning light is upon you and the pleasure of walking hand in hand in intimate fellowship with Me is your reality.  Let’s go!  It is all good.  It is all well, and this is just the dawning of a new day, and the best for you is yet to come, says the Lord.

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