The Battle is Already Won

Let the enemy taunt, roar, howl, rant and rave, says the Lord. He will only openly embarrass himself, for he cannot carry out his threats against you. He can only rage. He cannot prevail. He cannot conquer you. He cannot defeat you. He cannot carry out his plans against you. For he is not your god, and he cannot lord it over you. I Am your God. You can be calm and quiet and confident in Me as he blabs and brags about how powerful he is and what he can do and how he plans to destroy you. I have other plans for you! I have already proclaimed them. They are infallible and they are good. They are not just good thoughts and plans and purposes, but they are My sure Word pertaining to you, says the Lord.

Stand still and see My salvation, says the Lord. For your enemy is My enemy and he will not be able to get past me to get to you. I not only stand alongside of you to help you, but I Am your rear guard. I Am your shield. I Am your covering and I Am always with you to help you. I will cut in pieces leviathan with My two-edge flaming sword that proceeds out of My mouth, and break through his pride and arrogance against Me. For he is no match for me, ever. It is not how loud his roar is or how great his weapons are, but How powerful I Am. I Am your defense always and I will rebuke the destroyer for your sake, and you can rest assured that the battle is already won, and the enemy is defeated, says the Lord.

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