My Peace Is Real

My peace is real, says the Lord. It is not dependent upon your circumstances. It is not quenchable by the storms in your life. Sudden storms cannot usurp authority over My peace that passes all understanding. I Am your peace. I Am bigger than your circumstances. I Am bigger than hurricane force winds of adversity. I Am bigger than any title wave. Floods of the enemy are not able to drown you, for I Am with you always. You are safe in Me! I Am a shelter for you in the time of storms. I Am the peacemaker, for that is Who I Am and what I Do. For even the storms that are within you cannot destroy you, says the Lord.

I will arise and declare, Peace. Be Still, says the Lord. And I will quiet You! Peace be unto you! Be quit! Stop flailing around. Stop crying! You do not need to have a screaming fit to get My attention. Come into a quiet confidence in Me. For I Am bigger than your problems, bigger than your adversity, bigger than your adversaries, and nothing takes Me by surprise and nothing overwhelms Me. I brought you through every difficulty in your past, even the things that seemed impossible for you, by My mighty hand, and preserved you to this day. What makes you think that the enemy now that is fighting against you can prevail against you when I Am with you always? I will fight with you, fight for you, and will invade every storm in your life with My prevailing peace. For it is by My mighty power that I enforce peace and make peace and sustain peace and bring you into a place of peace and safety and security and well-being in Me always, says the Lord, your God!

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