A Sudden Change in Seasons is Coming

Think on good things, says the Lord. Fill your mind with My thoughts, for My Word is good. My thoughts about you are always good. Dream again. For I Am all about vision. I Am always creating new things. I Am always working and always moving and always doing new things. My work and Word are not stagnant and unproductive. My Word is alive, active, penetrating, powerful and productive. My work is not stalled and it is not stale. You are My workmanship, and I Am not inactive in your life. I Am moving in your situations. You are not stuck! Open your eyes and look again, seven times, says the LORD.

For the little cloud was just a sign of a big thunder storm in the time of drought, says the Lord. Do you see a little cloud that cannot produce a sprinkle of water on your dry and thirsty land? I Am calling for showers of blessing. Think big. Think showers that will rain upon the dry places of your life. For though you have been in a desert place, it shall blossom like a rose as I rain down My Spirit of life, and what seemed hopeless and lifeless will suddenly come alive, and a new and unexpected growth shall take place as a result. I will revive and restore and refresh and renew, and this sudden change will overtake you as you stand in awe of what I Am doing in the midst of you. A change in seasons is coming suddenly, and hope that was deferred that sickened your heart will be no more as the fountains of the deep will burst forth. The flood gates of My blessing will be open, and the rain of My Spirit will be poured out in preparation for a harvest that is far beyond what has ever been recorded before, says the Lord.

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