There are Absolutes

There are absolutes, says the Lord. Forsake the mindsets of man, shed the doctrines of devils and forsake the illegitimate counsel of mere man and run from his philosophy. For the wisdom of man is foolishness to Me. It will become useless to you and you will discover the weakness and ineptness of the ideas and ideals of man and know that you cannot stand on it or apply it and see the changes that you are looking for and have the resolutions that you seek. Seek the wisdom and counsel that comes from Me. For though knowledge has increased, it has not produced the increase of My knowledge that is available and workable. For I Am the Counselor. I Am the all-wise God in the midst of you, and I have the solutions that you are looking for that will work for you, says the Lord.

The temporal is not the eternal, and the eternal things that I have for you that are supernatural and powerful will invade the natural things that will bring about real change, says the Lord. For the knowledge and wisdom and counsel that you receive from Me will never fail. You will be able to stand in it, and you will discover that My power is absolute. It is not flexible. It is not changeable. It is not able to be penetrated or diluted. It cannot be tampered with or destroyed or defeated. For what I Am is what I give. It is absolute power, absolute authority, infallible wisdom, and infinite understanding that I will release for you as you seek Me. You will receive real wisdom from Me and have what no mere man can teach you. Seek Me and those things that are of Me that will not fail you, for My eternal Word and Work and Will are fixed, unchangeable, and always in agreement. I will be more than enough for you as you seek My counsel and receive what cannot be taken away from you that will work My greater works in and through you by My Spirit, says the Lord.

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