Your Labor is Not in Vain

Your labor is not vain in Me, says the Lord.  Don’t view your life as a waste.  I have many things recorded in My books that await your reward.  Yes, I have a record of everything you have done for Me!   Some things that you thought were insignificant, some things that you even thought were failed attempts to serve Me are regarded by Me as faithfulness.  Yes, every time you even think about Me,  call upon Me or speak My name, it is recorded.  I see the good works that you have done.  Do not focus on the things that did not produce for My kingdom as you expected  I Am pleased with you.  Don’t look at your failures. Look at your accomplishments.  Don’t compare yourself with others. I have made your calling and position in My Kingdom as unique as you are.  You do not have to be just like others.  I want you to use the gifts that I have given you.  Do not belittle yourself, because I do not view you as small. Put the past behind you completely.  Do not even dwell on the good works of the past and lament that you are unable to do the same things today.  This is the day you are to rejoice in.  I am not finished with you yet.  I have purpose for you.  You are special to Me.  Yes, your life has meaning, says the LORD.

I will give you new strength for each new day, and new assignments that are perfect for who you are in Me today, says the LORD.  You do not have to follow in the footsteps of others to be successful.  I Am the potter.  You are the clay.  I call you a masterpiece.  I call you a vessel of honor.  Just do the tasks that are in front of you today and know that I take notice of your love and devotion for Me.  I am giving you My nod of approval as you faithfully obey My now voice and surrender yourself fully to Me, and leave all the results to Me, says the Lord.

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