The Lord wants you to rely on Him, and draw closer to Him. Make Him your priority. It is a sacrifice of praise, a sacrifice of prayer, a sacrifice of time and effort as you press into the kingdom of GOD and seek His face. You will find Him. He already knows where you are. He is looking for a tenacity, a determination, and a breakthrough that will come as you press in. As you press in, the pressure on the inside of you will become a force that will push through the darkness around you, defeat the defeat, and bring you the BREAK OUT for the breakthrough. God wants you to become a resistant force. It seems sometimes that you feel isolated, weary, and the wait is long and hard. Hold fast to your profession of faith. Hold fast to your uncompromising convictions. The culture is not to dictate. There must be no compromise. You do not need to seek the approval and understanding of others. You need only His. To be different is not for everyone. To be separate is a choice. God will choose those who are serious about Him enough to make the sacrifices necessary and consistently press in.

At the same time, GOD will press into you His presence, His glory. That will increase as you decrease. The things of this world that are distractions are not to be your purpose or pursuit, and the success that GOD has for you and those who will, is not going to align with the values of this earth. It is far superior. It is for whosoever will. God wants you to make Him your choice and pursuit above everything, everyone, anything, anyone. Becoming a chosen and trustworthy vessel of honor is up to you. You will have as little or much of GOD and His Spirit as you are willing to seek and ultimately fine. It is all about the secret place that becomes your place with Him. Intimacy is not instant. It is not for the weak, the impatient, the complacent, or the coasting. It is not for those who are saved and satisfied, for a deep hunger and thirst for GOD must take you from passive to passionate, from satisfied to an insatiable desire for Him.

God is willing and if you are willing and obedient to His call into the Higher place in Him that is available, then you will be a chosen vessel of GOD that He can use as He will for His glory, and you will be fulfilled beyond what you ever imagined. It is a fight, and a continual one, not one of arrival. Never give up, give in, or quit, for it is not for the wimps and weary, but those who refuse to have less than the best that GOD has for them. He is ready for you. It is up to you. He is willing. He is waiting. He is drawing, wooing you. Now the decision of how far, how high, how deep, how dense, is up to you, and there is no end or limitations. You decide how much you want and are willing to pay the price for what He wants you to have, for it is not automatic, and as you persist, you will discover the more that He is, the more that He has, them more that He will do, and the more He can entrust you with. Prophet June Sheltrown, Prophetic Light International

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