I Will Perfect You

I will perfect that which concerns you, says the Lord. I will perfect you! I never do anything half way. I never have an incomplete or an oops! There is never any delays or denials or distractions with Me, for I Am always on time and on task in your life and the lives of those that you have entrusted to Me. Did you think that I could ever be a silent observer in your life? Do you think I Am absent? I Am the ever present One in your life that is always in control. You are greatly valued by Me, and I make no mistakes, says the Lord.

It was not a misunderstanding when you received the vision that I gave you, says the Lord. Your calling is sure and not a figment of your imagination. Do not listen to the negative voices that want to derail your hope in Me. I have called you to come up higher in Me. I have given you purpose and positioned you in My kingdom to be profitable in every good work that I furnish you to do. Nothing has changed, and I have not altered your destiny in Me. My gifts and call remain the same. Let the dust settle and begin to focus on what is unimpeachable, for My gifts and calling are without repentance. Your purpose in Me is great and not small. It is real and not an erroneous illusion as the enemy would try to convince you. Shut your ears to his voice and listen to Mine within you. Follow hard after Me and pursue that which I have called you to do! What I purpose, I equip. What I equip you for, I provide for. I will order each step and open the door for you! Walk through it! I will lead you and guide you and fulfill every good purpose and every good work that I have ordained for you life, and I call your vision in Me alive and well. Follow hard after Me, for what lies ahead will not only fulfill your destiny, but it will thrill and fulfill you, says the Lord.

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