I Am Your Keeper

I Am your keeper that does not slumber nor sleep, says the Lord. I don’t ever nod off, get distracted, or blink. Nothing gets past My attention, and nothing that pertains to you is unnoticed or ignored. You are My workmanship. I do everything right and on time. I never miss, and I do not have any do overs. I get it precise and perfect the first time. You can trust in Me, Who created you for a purpose. I do not change your destiny and purpose, and never lied, or changed My mind. It remains the same, regardless of your circumstances. Did you think that anything is beyond Me and My power? Did you ever believe that anything takes Me by surprise? Nothing is unpredictable to Me, for I see it all, know it all, and Am completely aware of every step that you will take, and every situation that you will face, ahead of time. You can trust in Me and My infallible presence and power at all times, says the Lord.

What is too hard for you is not too hard for Me, says the Lord. You do not have to depend on yourself and what you have and what you know, or what you can do, or who you know, and what they can do. Trust in Me! I Am more than capable of supplying your need, and will guide your steps, and bring you out of any and every trouble that you face. Storms that suddenly arise to vie for your attention and impede your progress, are not to dictate your life, or alter your faith and trust in Me. They cannot detain you as you look onto Me, and believe that I have already made a way for you, and cleared the path for you. I will give you peace in the midst of every storm, bring a calm, and cause you to reach your safe haven in Me, unscathed, and on time. For the storms cannot defeat you. I Am the One who is your keeper, and as you place your confidence in Me, you will be able to ride on top of the waves, and proceed in the direction that I have ascribed for your life, without fear, delay or distraction, says the Lord.

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