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  • Jun 19@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    What I Say, I Do!

    My Words never fall to the ground, says the LORD. I will perform them to the very letter and punctuation mark of all that I have spoken. For the lies of the enemy will not destroy My truth that endures forever. My Word is forever, and it does not change with your circumstances. It cannot be altered by the storms of life. I will speak idle words. They are moving, penetrating, piercing, revealing, healing, delivering, and PERFORMING Words, says the LORD. You can stand on My Word, knowing that what I say, I will DO, says the LORD. For why would I promise you something that encourages you, just to discourage you, when it does not happen? That is not+

  • I Will Quiet Your Fears

    I will quiet your fears and bring you into a calm, says the Lord. I will settle you into My rest that remains for all who will place their trust in Me, regardless of the raging storms of life they+

  • Get Ready For the New

    Get ready for the new, says the LORD. For the former things are going to pass away, and the new is at hand. I will not use old material to create the new. I do not need your past to+

  • Harvest of Harvest!

    The dry season is over, says the LORD. I will pour out My Spirit and rain down My Holy fire, for the days of refreshing and outpouring have come. You will not be in a dry and thirsty land, for+