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  • May 26@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    Equipped to Conquer

    See yourself as a mighty conqueror and an overcomer in Me, says the LORD. Pick up My sword, and shield. Put on My armor and use it. The sword of My Spirit is My Word in your mouth that is powerful, penetrating, and healing. Do not let My WORD remain idle, but speak it, use My sword, and engage the enemy. For idle WORDS become idle Works, and they accomplish NOTHING, says the LORD. What I have given to you will not be extracted from you, says the LORD. I have given you all that you need to overwhelm the enemy and spoil his camp. I have equipped you to conquer. You have greater weapons that will pull down the+

  • Abundance

    I Am come to you that you might have an abundant life in Me, says the LORD. Abundance is beyond your need, and beyond your control, and beyond your ability to produce. I Am the one who GIVES this to+

  • Be Strong in Me

    Be strong in Me, says the LORD. For all that you need is available for you. I will not withhold strength from you. I will give you more than enough. You need not ever fall nor fail. For I Am+

  • Joy for the Journey

    I want you to have joy for your journey, says the Lord. Do not dwell in the land of discouragement, distractions, distress and destruction. For the enemy is vying for your attention. He is the one who comes to steal,+