Good Is My Word

Good is My Word for you, says the LORD, for I Am good. Will you have an ear for the good Word that I have for you? I Am GOOD! My thoughts toward you are GOOD all the time. Will you listen to the GOOD NEWS that I want to convey to you or will you focus your attention on

Speeding Up

I am speeding up things for you, says the Lord, for the days of acceleration are upon you. You have been trudging along at a snail’s pace and often a standstill. Now is the time to progress and press forward. I have opened the door for you and you have access to the impossible, the spectacular, the supernatural in Me.

Your Cares

Hurl your cares onto Me, for I will carry all of them that you allow Me to handle for you, says the LORD. They are not too heavy for Me, and you need not shoulder the weight of them. They bog you down and keep you from moving into the realm that I want you to be in. I desire

My Promises Are True

My promises are true, says the LORD, for I cannot lie. I Am a promise keeper. I Am not looking for an out so that I don’t have to fulfill what I have told you I will give you. There is no impossibilities with ME. NONE! YOU are not an impossibility. Do not disqualify yourself or look for any reason

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected blessings that will be poured out into your life, says the LORD. Do not accept unexpected trials and tests and tribulation that the enemy is always plotting against you. Get on the offensive and look for ways to foil his plans and ruin his strategies. Get in his face before he has a chance to get into

Overcome Everything

I have given you the power to overcome everything, says the LORD. Giants are not the problem. Fear is. Do not fear, but overcome it by overpowering faith and trust in Me at all times. Circumstances cannot dictate your life and neither can troubles, though they be on every side. I Am bigger than life itself, for I Am the

Direct Your Path

Keep your eyes fixed on Me and your ears open to what I am saying, says the LORD, for I will direct your path by My still small voice in you and guide you with My eye. You can depend upon Me at all times. I will bring you through the darkest night and give you the light of a

Nothing Is Hidden

Come to Me as you are, for I already know everything about you, and nothing is hidden from ME, says the LORD. I will not criticize or condemn you, but I will forgive you and heal all of your wounds, even the self inflicted ones. I know you. I created you, and I desire you, says the LORD. Don’t hesitate

Be Strong

Be strong! Be strong! Be strong in Me, says the LORD. For I Am your strength. You are not weak and vulnerable, for I will continually strengthen and help and uphold you with My own right hand and keep you from falling or failing. I Am your shield, and you have the sword of My Spirit that over powers the

Love Never Fails

Love never fails, and My love for you is unfailing, says the LORD. I Am love, and the lover of your soul. My love for you is unstoppable and unchangeable regardless of the circumstances that you are in. I remain the same. I cannot fail, and I will not fail you, says the LORD. I Am faithful and true, always.