Sing onto Me a New Song

Sing onto Me a new song, says the Lord. Yes, let your heart and voice sing! Let the song of praise and thanksgiving flow out of you! I inhabit your praise. Let melodies of My loving kindness flood your very soul, for I Am magnified in the midst of you! My name is great! Sing of My wonderful love and

You Are Precious in My Sight

You are precious in My sight, says the Lord, like a pearl of great price! I value you greatly. Those who belittle you and condemn you are coming against Me, says the Lord, for you are Mine, and I laid down My life for you! I have given unto you My best gifts, and I would not do that for

I Will Answer You

God Answers Prayer

Call upon Me in your day of trouble and I will answer you, says the Lord.  Troubled on every side is only My call to deliver.  I will hear the cry of your heart every time.  Pray to Me.  Call to Me!  Look to Me for the answers to all your troubles, says the Lord.  I did not bring these

Carefree and Unfettered

Carefree and unfettered is what I want you to be, says the Lord. I have come to liberate you and set you free. I do not want you encumbered with the cares of life. I place no premium on your sadness, suffering and pain. I do not want you depressed, weak or frail, says the Lord. My will for you

The Sky Is Not the Limit

The sky is not the limit, says the Lord. I Am far above the sky, for the heavens are far above the earth, says the Lord. I Am limitless in space and time. I Am splitting the heavens open and pouring out My Spirit upon you, says the Lord. It is a new day, a new season of blessings untold.

Expect the Impossible to Happen

Expect the impossible to happen, says the Lord.  Expect miracles, signs and wonders.  I Am a God of healings.  I Am a God of Miracles.  I Am a God of deliverance.  I Am a God of signs and wonders.  The supernatural is natural to Me, says the Lord.  Nothing is beyond My ability. I want you to increase your vision

Love is the Key

Love is the Key

Love is the key to your harvest, says the Lord.  Love is the key.  Love radically.  Love genuinely.  Love constantly as I do.  I AM love, and I want you to be just as I Am.  Love never fails.  I never fail to love you.  I love you unconditionally.  I love you at all times.  I want you to love

I Am Your Portion

I Am your portion, pressed down, shaken together and running over.  It is a good portion, enough to live on, enough to give and enough to fill your store houses.  I have an abundant supply of all you need.  I Am your refuge and your portion in the land of the living, says the Lord.  I have blessed you abundantly,

Rest and Wait Patiently Upon Me

Rest and wait patiently upon Me, and I will bring it to past, says the Lord.  I Am speaking of the desires of your heart.  You are ringing your hands again.  That is not trusting Me.  Do you want the controls back in your life, or are you giving them to Me?  When you had them all by yourself it

Your times Are in My Hands

Your times are in My hands, says the Lord.  Yes, I order every step.  I know the way that you take.  Your future is in My hands, and I have good plans for you.  I Am involved in the totality of your life, and every moment is important to Me, because you are important to Me, says the Lord.  Trust