I Will Still the Raging Storms Within!

     I will still the storms that are raging within you, and give you My peace, says the Lord.  For I will calm your fears and refresh you as you turn your attention toward Me.  For troubling thoughts that plague your mind and cause you to fret are not your portion from Me.  My kingdom is within you, and it

Your Needs Will Be Met Abundantly!

I am more than enough for you, says the LORD.  I have endless resources, and the supply never runs out.  Your needs will be met with abundance, for I did not want you to just get by.  I will give you everything that you need, and reserve blessings for you that you did not even ask Me for or think

Don’t Forget the Benefits

Don’t forget the benefits that I have given you daily, says the Lord. Focus on them and give Me credit for them and be filled with praise and thanksgiving for all that I Am and all that I have been and all that I will be in your life. Acknowledge Me as the source of every blessing that you have,