Increase My Blessings

I will increase My blessings upon you, and you will not be diminished, says the LORD. I will be your stability, because you have trusted in Me. I Am your source of all good things and you will not be a beggar. I have given you My Name and My SPIRIT is in you. You are not impoverished, but empowered.

I Will Command My Blessings

I will command My blessings upon you, says the LORD, and you WILL BE blessed. You will be furnished. Your needs will be supplied. For all those who trust in Me will never be disappointed. I will never forget you or overlook you. Your concerns are Mine! Your troubles are not troubling to Me, but I will resolve things for

My Business

As you remain busy about MY BUSINESS and make Me and My Kingdom your first pursuit, My blessings will overtake you, says the LORD. I will get into your business and give you good success. Your blessings will be poured into you that will have no sorrow attached. For I do not burden you with blessings but great joy is

I Will Pour out My Blessings

I will pour out My blessings upon you, says the LORD, for your faith in Me and your faithfulness pleases Me. I have taken notice of you and you have My attention. My Word is faithfulness. That is My commandment for you. All of heaven will back My command as I pour out uncontainable and unimpeachable blessings upon you who

I Will Multiply You

I will multiply you, and not divide you, says the LORD. For I Am the GOD of increase, not decrease. I will fill every place and every space in you and around you with My power and presence and give you blessings upon blessings upon blessings that you cannot contain. You will break out on the left and right. You

I Have Blessed This Day

I have blessed this day that I have given you, and I have blessed you, says the LORD. My blessings are continual. My presence goes before you. My love for you is unfailing. I do not keep track of your failures and I will not remind you of them. The enemy will accuse you, malign you and remind you of

I Am Good

I Am GOOD, and only have GOOD things to offer you, says the LORD. For I enjoy giving good gifts to My children. I want to pour out My blessings upon blessings upon you and lavish My love on you. I Am your unspeakable gift, and what I give is unspeakable! What I have for you is more than you

Command My Blessings upon You

I will command My blessings upon you, says the LORD. They are without pain and problems attached. I will not burden you with My gifts, but enhance you with them. I will beautify you with My presence and glory that will be seen on you. My light will be in you and shine forth from you, and you will be

I Have Preserved You

I have preserved you in your coming in and going out, says the LORD. I have kept you all the days of your life. I have made a path for you and ordered every step. I have cleared the way. I Am your GOOD Shepherd and you belong to Me. There is nothing about you that is insignificant. I will

I Will Command My Blessings

Gods Blessings

I will command my blessings upon you, says the LORD and they will not have corresponding sorrow attached. They will enrich you and elevate you as you ascend into My presence in the secret place. This is where I am calling you. This is where I will meet with you. This is where you will find Me, says the LORD,