Abundant Life

Abundant life is what I have for you, says the LORD. I Am El Shaddai, the GOD of more than enough. I do not want you to just make it but I want you to have abundance. I do not want to just supply all your need, but I want to give you the desire of your heart! I want

Fully Furnished Table

I have fully furnished a table before you in My presence, says the LORD.  It contains everything that you need. There is nothing left undone. There is nothing missing. I have reserved a seat for you that no one else can occupy. It is a place of honor. For I honor those who honor ME.  I recognize those who recognize Me. 

Protect and Provision

My blessings make you rich, and I add no sorrow to them. I Am with you and in you and surround you and undergird you and cover you, says the LORD. I shield you and protect and provision you always, for I am your caregiver. I never miss or forget anything, and I cannot forget you. You are always on

Continual Blessings

You are blessed coming in and coming out, says the Lord. I Am the source of your continual blessings. I Am with you wherever you go and whatever you put your hands to do, as you fully yield to My voice on the inside of you and allow Me to direct your path. I will give you My spirit of

Your Pain

I take no pleasure in your pain, but I take great pleasure in your purpose, says the LORD.  I Am not the author of your suffering and sorrow, but the giver of LIFE.  I Am your healer. I Am your Savior.  I Am your redeemer.  I Am the lover of your soul.  I Am your builder and maker, says the

Come Boldly

Come boldly into My throne room of Grace, says the LORD, for you are always welcome.  Do not crawl into My presence. I have positioned you as My beloved child.  My finished work on the cross and My shed blood for you has entitled you to approach Me without fear of rejection or condemnation.  I have purchased you with a

Paid in Full

My blessings make you rich, says the Lord, and I add no sorrow to them.  Everyone of them are paid in full. I was a Man of sorrow and acquainted with grief so that I could bear all your sorrow. I will not GIVE you anything that has sorrow attached to it, says the LORD.  All that causes grief is

I Delight in You

I delight in you, My Love.  I delight to give you good things.  I delight that My will is done in you as it is in heaven.  I delight to give you special gifts and ministries as you rely upon Me.  I love to see you smile. I enjoy partnering with you so that you can be fulfilled in the destiny that I

My Blessings

I am commanding My blessings upon you, says the Lord.  There is no sorrow attached to them. I will pour them out upon you freely and lavish them upon you.  You have toiled through the heat of the day and endured the long, fiery trials of affliction.  It has been a long and enduring season, and you have had your patience stretched continually.  But

I Am Protecting You

I Am protecting you with My walls of fire about you, and My glory within you, says the Lord. Look to Me as a place of safety always, says the Lord. I will never leave you nor forsake you. The enemy is not in charge of your life and destiny. I Am. I Am the one who wrote the script,