Welcome Into My Throne Room of Grace!

Come into My presence with praise and thanksgiving and a song in your heart, says the LORD. Let your faith be seen on your face, and a melody of worship in your heart. Let your faith be strong in me, even in the middle of the difficulties, because you KNOW that I am that EVER PRESENT Help in time of

I Will Supply

Whatever you need, I will supply, says the LORD. For I Am EL Shaddai, more than enough for you. I will over-supply you with My blessings that have NO attached sorrow. You will not lament over what I give you. What the enemy gives you will cause you pain and ultimate suffering. You will wish you had never received anything

God is Faithful!

My faithfulness is constant, says the LORD.  My compassion and mercy for you is renewable, daily.  They existed before you did, and will never be exhausted.  Time is absorbed in eternity, and you will always be favored in My presence, because you have trusted in Me as your Savior and Lord.  You will not be disappointed in time and eternity,

I Am Faithful

I Am faithful and true to you at all times, says the LORD. My compassion is constant and renewable daily for you. It is inexhaustible and obvious to you. I have kept you all the days your life and you have never been abandoned by Me. You are always in My heart and on My mind. Trust in My goodness

Full of Compassion

I Am full of compassion and tender mercies for you, says the LORD. They are renewable every day. My love for you is inexhaustible and My grace is abundant. Everything that I have for you is a gift. I fully furnished every need that you have by My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you. You are

Unfailing Compassion For You

I have unfailing compassion for you, says the LORD. It is abundant, inexhaustible, unimpeachable and renewable daily. I said, It does NOT fail. My love for you does NOT FAIL. I cannot fail and I cannot and will not fail you. My ways and My thoughts and My plans and My purposes for you do not change by the times

My Compassion Is Renewable

My compassion is renewable day by day, and My faithfulness is unimpeachable toward you, says the Lord.  It is not a variable, but a constant. You can depend upon Me. You can lean upon Me and I will never allow you to fall.  I will hold you up and keep you stable and steady. Though the times are unstable and cause many


The benefits that I daily load you with are inexhaustible, says the Lord.  There is no end to them.  As My compassion is new morning by morning and My faithfulness to you, so are My benefits that I give you as My entitled child.  Every day I give you a good measure of fresh grace and mercy.  There is never a time

My Compassion Fails Not

My compassion fails not. It is new every morning. Great is My faithfulness to you, says the Lord. There has never been a time that I have failed you. You have never been without My love. It is as fresh as the morning dew. It is as sure as the sun that rises every day. I Am closer to you