There Will Be a Performance of What You Believe Me For

There will be a performance of those things that you have believed Me for, says the LORD. HOLD FAST to your confession of faith, and remain fixed in your living hope that will produce exactly what you believe, confess and refuse to give up, says the LORD. There is no room for mediation and compromise, for My Word is precise

I Will Perform My Word

I have already decreed everything over you that needs to be decreed, and all My Words will come to pass, says the LORD. My Words will not fall to the ground. They will not be unproductive. They will not be empty promises or unfulfilled dreams. My vision, My Words, My thoughts and plans will be implemented to the very smallest

Precious, Priceless, Powerful, Productive, Progressive Promises

My promises are precious, priceless, powerful, productive and progressive, says the LORD. They are for YOU! I have no favorites, and all that I have spoken, all that I have given, all that I have provided is for YOUR benefit. I daily load you with BENEFITS, not burdens. I will give you the increase, not the decrease. I will pour

There is NO Breach of Promise with Me

There is no breach of promise with ME, says the LORD. I will fulfill them, completely and perfectly, as you believe and receive the ingrafted Word that I have given you in your heart and life. All will become a tangible reality for you. For there is power in My Word, and power in your faith that refuses to cower

Daily Devotional: You Will Perform Your Word

Thank you, Lord, that as I embrace your promises for myself and take you at your Word, there will be a performance of those things that I believe you will do in my life and those I entrust to your care. What you have spoken, you will do, for your Words are spirit and life in Me, around me, and

My Word is Powerful

My Word is powerful, says the Lord. I do not speak empty, unproductive things. I created with My Word. The worlds were framed by My Word. What I speak is not a figment of someone’s imagination, or a stretch of the truth. I cannot lie, exaggerate or give empty promises that cannot and will not be performed. I will honor

Daily Devotional: Performance of Your Word

Lord, we thank you that your WORD that is powerful, infallible and will be performed in our lives and loved ones as you watch over it to perform it! You have given us precious, priceless promises in your Word and we believe you will do exactly what you said for us, so that we can rest in your constant love,

I Will Finish My Good Work in You

Have complete confidence in Me that I will finish My good work in you, says the LORD. You will finish well, because you are not alone to do anything and it will not be in your strength or ability, but Mine that I have invested in you. BY MY SPIRIT that is in you, with you, around you, I will


Everything is Possible

You will know the power of My Word as the evidence of MY Work in your life, says the LORD. My Word is a Word of FAITH that I have spoken. REPEAT WHAT I HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN and listen to what I will speak NOW. For your now faith in My Word will give substance to your hope. It will

My Priceless Peace

perfect peace

My peace that I give you is priceless, says the LORD. No one can afford it. No one can purchase it for you, and no one can take it from you. I have GIVEN it to you and I have become your peace. I have not measured it onto you. Perfect peace belongs to everyone who trusts in ME, and