Daily Devotional: Trust in GOD

Lord, as I face the difficulties of this day and enter into uncharted territories that are troubling, I know that I can trust you at all times. I will pour out my heart onto you, knowing that you will answer me. you will help me, and give me everything that I need to succeed. You are my refuge, and I

Devotional: My Refuge and Defense

Every morning I will sing and make melody in my heart of your power and your mercy to me every morning. Thank you for defending me and being my refuge from the known and unknown enemies. You are the One who rescues and sames me in the day of my trouble, and I can trust in your presence to secure

Daily Devotional: fortress

Thank you, Lord, for being a mighty fortress and a high tower, that keeps every enemy, seen and unseen, known and unknown from reaching us.  As our refuge, you are always good to us, shielding us and defending us, because we completely trust in you as our Savior and Lord. Amen

Daily Prophecy: Fortress

Thank you, Lord, for being our rock that we can firmly stand on, our fortress that protects and secures us. You are our deliverer, and we take refuge in you until the storms pass over. You are our GOD and Savior, and nothing can touch us, harm us, or threaten us, because of your constant, protective care that shields us

Daily Devotional: God is Our Refuge and Fortress

Almighty God, we thank you today that we live under your shadow, as you cover us and protect us at all times, because we trust in you. It is comforting to know you are our refuge and fortress, where we are safe, secure, provisioned and kept through known and unknown threats, today and always. Amen

Daily Devotional: Under the Shadow of Your Wings

Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing, precious love that you have for us. We take refuge this day under the shadow of your wings, and we are safe, secure and blessed. We have assurance that you are never absent, but aware of us and our need, and your love sustains us, protects us, covers us in everything we face today.

Daily Devotional: God is our Refuge and Strength

Thank you, Lord, that although the earth is reeling in this time of trouble, we know that you are our Refuge and our strength this day, and always. Even when we are in the thick of the storm, you shelter us, strengthen us. Fear is not an option, for you are with us to keep us safe, unharmed, untouched, because

I Will Quiet Your Fears

I will quiet your fears and bring you into a calm, says the Lord. I will settle you into My rest that remains for all who will place their trust in Me, regardless of the raging storms of life they face. This quiet place is for you. This calm is what I have ordered for you. This place of tranquility,

Come and Receive

My deep is calling for your deep, says the LORD. Come quickly. Come completely. Come empty. Come in your desperation and abandon yourself to Me. You will never be the same again, as you come to Me and receive of Me all that I have for you. For you will be filled with My Spirit and I will baptize you