Renewable Source

I Am your renewable source of energy and strength, says the LORD. I cannot be depleted and what I have for you is alive, inexhaustible, moving, flowing, penetrating and radiating life and vitality into you constantly. I Am your abiding strength. I Am the One Who enables you to do all things. I didn’t create you to just coast, but

My Joy Is Your Strength

My joy is your strength, says the LORD. Come into My presence where your joy will be full and overflowing. I Am your unimpeachable joy, regardless of the circumstances that surround you. Come away from the stress and the pressures and the demands that are vying for your attention and receive of Me. I will refresh you and you will


Wait on Me, and I will renew your strength. Wait! Trust in Me. I have never failed you yet, and will not. I Am your help and I Am your abiding peace. You will never be alone in battle, for I have come along side to help. I will undergird you and undertake for you. You have nothing to fear,

Occupy and Possess

Occupy and possess the land that I have given you, says the LORD. Do not become complacent or idle. I did not say sit there till you die, but to be engaged where you are placed by Me. When your hands hang down, the enemy endeavors to take advantage of you. Awake from your sleep and arise. Even of old

Made You Worthy

I have made you worthy by My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, says the LORD. Do not allow the enemy, the accuser of the saints to cause you to come under condemnation. No more, says the Lord. I have fully sanctified and purified you. There is nothing that My blood has not covered. There is

Let My Joy Be Your Strength

Let My Joy be your strength, says the Lord.  I  want to give you real joy for your mourning.   I will give you the garment of praise for depression.  I do not want you overwhelmed with sadness.  I do not want you to grieve.  Come into My presence and allow Me to wrap My everlasting arms of love around you.  Let Me comfort you in all your

I Am Renewing Your Strength

Today I Am renewing your strength in My presence, says the Lord. You do not have to be exhausted. My strength is made perfect, complete in weakness. Be strong in Me, says the Lord. I did not make you inept. I am enabling you to stand. Yes, when you have done all you can, just stand. You can stare the

Don’t Allow the Enemy to Overwhelm You

Don’t allow the enemy to overwhelm you. Don’t listen to his lies, says the Lord. Although he is roaring, raging, threatening, plug your ears to him. Silence your heart. Quiet your thoughts. Come into My presence with abandonment. Yes, empty yourself completely and let Me fill you up with Myself. I Am strength for the weary, says the Lord. I

I Am Renewing Your Strength

As you wait upon Me, I Am renewing your strength.  Yes, My strength is flooding your soul, says the Lord.  I give strength to the weary and might to those that have none.  You do not have to shake yourself for My strength to rise in you as Samson endeavored, and found out that My Spirit had departed from him.