Take the Steps I Have Ordered for You

Step into My presence. Step into My grace. Step into My glory. Step into My light. Step into My Word, and take the steps of faith that I have ordained for you, says the LORD. They are not automatic. You are ordained for GOOD WORKS, that you are to walk in by the faith that I have given you to

Transformed into My Own Image

I Am NOT going to rehabilitate you, says the LORD. I will only transform, heal, revive, restore. It is MY WORKMANSHIP in you, and you are a NEW CREATION in Me! You are not a fixer upper like a building that needs refurbished. You are a living temple, and what I do is a living Word that heals, My living

What You Believe Will Determine What You Will Receive

What you believe will determine what you will receive, says the LORD. Why infest your holy faith that I have given onto you on things that you do NOT want to see in your life and that of others? Delete those negative thoughts and feelings, and do not rehearse the roles that the enemy wants you to play out. They

Power and Authority

You have a privileged position in Me, says the Lord. I have linked My Name with yours, and given you honor, because you honor Me and trust in My great name. I have given you power and authority, and you are to execute judgment and justice that I have positioned you to do, wherever you are and whatever you do.

Activate Your Faith

Activate your faith by going in the direction that will bring you into your destiny, says the LORD. IT is not behind you, but in front of you. Take those steps as you stand up and MOVE forward. You need not stare at the impossibilities. The Walls will come down, not by gazing at them, but tearing down the strongholds

Walk in My Light

Didn’t I tell you that you are in the world, but not of the World? I have taken you OUT of darkness, and placed you into My Kingdom of light, where there is NO DARKNESS at all, says the LORD. I have commissioned you to be as a beacon of hope for those who are walking in darkness. You are

Rise Up and Walk in Newness of Life

Rise up and walk in newness of life, says the LORD. There is no time to waste on regrets. The setbacks you have experienced will not be set-ups for defeat, but for victories ahead. I will give you new strategies and a new direction, and the things you thought were a total loss are not. I will equip you to

Be Faithful

Your faith in Me is demonstrated by your faithfulness, says the LORD. I look at what you do, not just what you say. For mere words are not powerful when there is no corresponding action. Walk by faith, and be a doer of MY word and work, rather than yours. For I will empower you to fulfill your destiny purpose

I Am Calling You to Action!

I AM calling you to action, say the LORD. The enemy is active. He is prowling around, devising, and plotting against My people. He is pursuing them. Do not just sit there, while allowing him to catch up. My SPIRIT is on the MOVE, and I Am calling you to be PART OF My movement, as you keep pace with

Be Seperate

Come out from among the naysayers, the doubters, the complacent and the disobedient, says the LORD. For they will only become a snare unto you. DO not cast the precious things of My Spirit before them, to trample them under their feet, and use you as a door mat, says the LORD. Distance yourself from those who have no ear