I Will Come and Rescue You

Call upon Me in your day of trouble, and I will answer you, says the LORD. My ears are open to your cry and I will come to your rescue at the sound of your voice. The enemy is NO match for Me, and I declare that you are undefeated. The enemy will not vex you and brag about destroying

Daily Devotional: Never Out of Your Sight

Lord, keep me in your sight as close as the pupil of your eye. Hide me and cover me under the shadow of your protective wings. Then I will be safe from all harm, secure in your love and care, and never out of your sight. You are My trust, and have never failed me as I call upon your

Daily Devotional: Watchful Eye

Thank you, Lord, for keeping your watchful eye upon us and those we love every moment of our lives. We trust in your protective, loving care, as you lead us, guide us, counsel us, and surround us with your presence. As we face the uncertainties of our future and fulfill the tasks set before us, we are assured of your

Daily Devotional: Love

Lord, we thank you for sealing us with your love, that is like a blazing fire that cannot be extinguished.  Your love is unyielding, unrelenting, and cannot be compared to any other.  Thank you for your watchful eye, your providing, protecting and healing hands, and your constant loving kindness and care for us and those we love, because we place

Daily Devotional: You Are Valuable

You know and care about every sparrow that falls to the ground, and value us much more than many sparrows. We thank you for your care for us, as you watch over us continually. You are so aware of us, that you numbered the hairs on our head. You know more about us than we do ourselves, and we can

Come Away From the Stress into My Secret Place

Come away from all the stress and enter into the secret place and have sweet communion with Me, says the LORD. I Am always waiting to hear the sound of your footsteps as you enter. I love to hear the sound of your voice. I want intimacy with you, and I want to hold you close to Me, and whisper