April 17, 2020


Passage: Matthew 26:47-68; 27:1-50

Bible Text: Matthew 26:47-68; 27:1-50 | Preacher: Prophet June Reinke | BETRAYAL

Have you considered that in almost all of the earthly ministry of JESUS, Judas, the one who betrayed him, was present? Judas saw the last recorded miracle that Jesus performed, when he healed the ear of the soldier that Peter had cut off with a sword. This soldier came to arrest Jesus and have Him ultimately condemned and put to death on the cruel cross. Jesus healed him instantly, completely, without hesitation. While all of his disciples abandoned him, one stood among them as the betrayer–Judas.

He was there when Jesus opened the blind eyes and deaf ears, healed the sick and raised the dead. He had constant, personal access to Christ when others would have loved to just get one glimpse of him or work their way through a crowd to touch him or have Him touch them. But then there was JUDAS, who ate with him. Heard Him speak and teach. Slept with him. He was one of the CHOSEN ones.

Where was Judas when Jesus sent the 12 disciples out, two at a time, empowering them to perform miracles and healing? Judas was empowered to heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cast out demons. We could definitely say without a thread of doubt that Judas was anointed and empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT, when Jesus imparted to him and sent him out.

Did Jesus ever love JUDAS? Of course He did. He was a privileged and chosen disciple. But Judas rejected JESUS, rejected that anointing, rejected that privileged position of being one of the 12, selected ones. Judas chose, and he acted on his choice. He chose death, rather than life. He chose to allow satan to enter into his heart where JESUS should have been. He opened the door. He was not forced to betray Christ. HE CHOSE this.

Do you think that this did not break the heart of JESUS? I am sure his heart was broken. Remember that Judas was his friend!

Betrayal would not be so painful if it was not a familiar friend, a person who was greatly loved by you, a person who knew you personally, who had access to the most precious, priceless moments of your life. You were intimate. You shared your heart, your thoughts, your feelings with this one you greatly loved. JUDAS. The pain is not the act of betrayal, but the shocking reality that someone you were very close to, had given so much of yourself to, had trusted with so much, betrayed you.

There was no place of repentance for JUDAS, though he threw down the 30 pieces of silver at the feet of the priests. He confessed that he had sinned against CHRIST. He did not benefit from the money, but he could not reverse the consequences of his sin. JESUS would be crucified. Judas would not be forgiven. Both would die. Jesus would die for our sin. Judas would die IN HIS SIN. Jesus’ death for us gave us hope. Judas had no hope in this life or eternity.

When you suffer such betrayal, when your tears flow because someone you trusted, loved, and had a close relationship with has become your enemy, when shock waves blast you, you are not alone. Jesus’ heart was broken so He can heal yours. He is your comforter and friend that sticks closer than a brother. He will never leave you, abandon you, betray you, and will sustain you through your pain. He understands and cares. Your sorrow will be turned into joy, no matter how you now feel.

Remember that the miracles did not cease because Judas was there. He could not destroy the work that Jesus came to fulfill. He did no disrupt the anointing or hinder the plan and purposes of GOD. They were fulfilled right in the presence of JUDAS.

Nor can a Judas stop the call of GOD on your life. A Judas cannot disrupt the purposes or destiny that GOD has prescribed for your life. But even when he sees the wonderful and good works that GOD has given you to do that will glorify GOD, he can still choose to betray you.

What do you do? You keep moving forward. Fulfill the call of GOD on your life. Fulfill your ministry. Continue in your destiny purpose. You do not have to understand how they could make such choices. They did, and they chose. Now the choice is yours. CHOSE to serve the LORD, no matter what others do or do not do, against you!

YOU ARE A CHOSEN vessel of GOD. You are to be part of that chosen generation, royal priesthood, that holy nation. CONTINUE to run your race, finish your course, and keep the faith, no matter what others choose to do against you. You have a destiny purpose that is ordained by GOD, and you just keep pressing forward, to the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ.


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