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  • Mar 7@ 12:05 amProphet June Sheltrown

    Lean on Me

    Do not trust in your own understanding or lean on that of others, says the LORD. Lean on ME and my infinite understanding. You do not have to understand. You are called to TRUST in Me, WHO DOES! I know what I AM doing, and when you shift over your dependency upon Me, you will not falter. Hold onto My unfailing hand that will keep you steady on your feet. I have given you everything that you need for success, and failure is NEVER an option. I will never fail you, and you cannot fall as you just HOLD ON, says the LORD. It is not difficult for you to entrust everything to Me, says the LORD. It is liberating, +

  • Stability Comes From Trusting Me and My Infallible Word

    Don’t get caught up in an emotional roller coaster, says the LORD. Feelings are not faith, and they cannot be confused. Stability comes from trusting Me and My infallible WORD that does not change in times, seasons, or events. There +

  • Sing a New Song Unto the Lord

    Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing a new song of praise and thanksgiving onto Me, says the LORD. Let the melody of your heart ascend unto My thrown. Let it become you. Let a new sound come out of you. Rise up +

  • No Greater Power, Word, Work Than What I Will Do

    I Am for you and not against you, says the LORD. The enemy may rage against you, his voice may roar threatening, terrorizing, lying words, but he cannot carry them out. Do not allow him to unsettle you! I Am +

  • Mar 6@ 12:05 pmProphet June Sheltrown

    No Other GOD Beside You

    Thank you, Lord, that you have revealed yourself to us, as OUR GOD, OUR SAVIOR, OUR HEALER, our DELIVERER, and Lord. You are the ONLY GOD, and there is none other. WE trust in you and recognize you as the Sovereign. The earth belongs to you. We belong to you, and you are with us always. You are the SUPREME, and in complete control, and we thank and praise you for all that you are, and all you do for us, both now and forever. +

  • Doing GOD’s Will

    Thank you, Lord, that you have made me part of the family of GOD, because I choose you to Me My Savior and the Lord of My life. I desire your will to be done in my life and loved +

  • Thanksgiving and Praise

    Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings that you give to us daily. We praise your name and lift up our voices to you in songs of joy. You are the lover of our souls, and we sing unto you +

  • Restoration

    Lord, we are prisoners of hope, for you have given us a living hope that will be fulfilled, as we place our lives in your hands, and entrust you as our Savior and LORD.   We thank you that you are +


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