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  • Oct 21@ 12:05 amJune Reinke


    Because you have trusted Me as your Savior and LORD, I have washed you and cleansed you from all unrighteousness, says the LORD. I have given you a new name and sealed you with MINE. I have brought you out of the kingdom of darkness, into My kingdom of light. You are reborn into My family, and I AM your everlasting Father, and you are My everlasting child, says the LORD. Forever is forever, and I Am forever yours, and you are forever Mine, says the LORD. I Am your everlasting peace. I have given you everlasting life. You have unthinkable, everlasting joy in My presence, and I have given you everlasting gifts. You are My called out one, and+

  • Patiently wait on Me to act, says the LORD. For all things WILL WORK together for the GOOD of all who love Me, and are My called out ones. I have a purpose and a plan, and will implement them.+

  • Rest in Me

    Your rest is complete in Me, says the LORD. Come to Me for rest. For I want you to be untethered, free of the cares of this life, and unburdened. Cast all your cares upon Me! Let ME be your+

  • Do Not Fear!

    Fear is not an option, says the LORD. I have never given it to you, but have already given you superior weapons that cannot be overpowered. Use them and be assured that you are already positioned to win every battle.+