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  • Nov 11@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    Nothing is too Hard for Me

    NOTHING is too hard for Me, says the LORD. I do not expect or demand that you bear your burdens and fight your own battles and use your own wisdom or stand on your own two feet. I have promised you the victory that comes by your faith in Me, and that will take you all the way through anything that is too hard for you. I will give you the power to overcome anything and everything, as I alone AM your strength, says the LORD. No one else can fight your battles for you, says the LORD. They do not have the wisdom and power to do so. But I can and I will. I will give you the +

  • I Will Fulfill My Word, Work, Plans, Thoughts and Purposes

    My Word and Work and Plans and Purposes and higher Ways and THOUGHTS will not go unfulfilled, says the LORD. I will accomplish everything that I set forth by My own decree and counsel of My own will. Who said +

  • I Will Perfect That Which Concerns You

    I will perfect that which concerns you, says the LORD. Yes, I will. I will remove the flaws and the spots and the winkles and the blemishes as I purge and purify you. The fiery furnace of afflictions will not +


    I will give you a new beginning in Me, says the LORD. Count this moment as a new season for you. I will give you beauty for the ash heap of your own life. As David of old wept at +

  • Miracles, Healing and Deliverance in African Mission

    Nov 8@ 2:08 pmJune Reinke

    I have completed my sixth mission to Africa, and am back in America after the longest mission trip that I +

  • Healing Impartation

    Jul 16@ 6:39 pmJune Reinke

    This video is for healing impartation of back pain and problems.  You will be instantly healed and delivered when you +

  • Thank You for Your Support

    Jul 11@ 10:18 amJune Reinke

    I want to thank all of you who have supported the missions, supported the ministry in any means that you +

  • New Published Paperback book on Amazon

    Jul 6@ 11:53 amJune Reinke

    My New book is now published in paperback, available on Amazon for 14.95.  You can type in my name, June +

  • New Published Book in Amazon

    Jul 4@ 2:35 pmJune Reinke

    Just published on Amazon as an e-book, available or 4.99.  All proceeds go for the ministry of Prophetic Light International +

  • Baby Miracle

    Jun 8@ 9:57 pmJune Reinke

    Baby Miracle was born on My birthday, as I prophesied that she would be. Since technically they are 8 hours +

  • Perils and Power in the Missions to Africa!

    Jun 1@ 10:26 pmJune Reinke

      It is not an exaggeration but a reality, when I say, “Perils and Power.”  God poured out His Spirit +

  • Baby Resurrected in the Womb

    May 27@ 4:45 amJune Reinke

    This is a picture of one of my Interpreters, Annania . He was part of my team on two different +


    May 20@ 8:05 pmJune Reinke

    I want to thank all those who donated to Prophetic Light International, for the mission trips to Africa through face +

  • Partners for the Nations

    Mar 28@ 9:52 amJune Reinke

    Please consider partnership with Prophetic Light International, to help us to reach the nations for the Kingdom of GOD and +