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  • Aug 21@ 12:06 amJune Reinke

    Shake Off the Dust of the Past

    Forget the disappointments of the past, says the LORD. Forget the unfairness. Forget the mistakes. Forget all the pain. For it only becomes wasted thoughts and energy as none of it radiates light and life. Move ahead and do not even look back. For what was is not what will be, and it will only hinder you if you turn back and back track rather than move forward, says the LORD. See the light of a new day and look forward, says the LORD. For you are not called to walk in darkness, but into My marvelous light and the lighted path in front of you. You are a child of light, and My life is in you. New is+

  • Look Ahead With Expectation

    The former things will pass away, and the new for you will be manifest, as you look ahead with expectation, and trust that new is better, even as light is better than darkness, says the LORD. For your destiny is+

  • Don’t Faint

    Don’t faint in the day of adversity, says the LORD. Your strength in Me is not small, but great. I Am your perpetual strength of your life and heart. You never need to become weary and worn and overwhelmed. Stand+

  • Memorials

    Let this be a day of memorial to you, says the LORD.  Set in your heart stones of remembrance and engrave on these tablets My goodness and mercy to you.  Inscribe in your heart the blessings that I have loaded+