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  • Nov 14@ 9:12 amJune Reinke

    I Will Answer You

    I Have heard your prayers, and I will answer them, says the LORD. I have everyone recorded in My book. Every time that you even breathe My Name or think upon Me, speak of Me or My Word, it is written in My book. Did you think that it is not inscribed upon My heart as well? Your Name is written in My book. Your very parts are recorded. I even know every breath that you take! You are valued by Me, and I do not have to record your thoughts and prayers in order to remember them. I do so to reward YOU, says the LORD. You are never out of My thoughts that are loving, caring and always+

  • Daily Blessings

    Do not dwell on the things that are negative and troubling, but dwell on the daily benefits that I have loaded you with, says the LORD. Yes, count your blessings rather than your difficulties. For the things I give you+

  • Consistent, Unfailing, Dependable

    My Word is a constant, and not a variable, says the LORD. Nothing can change My Word, My Work, My Plan or My purposes. I Am the Almighty GOD in the midst of you, and when I told you that+

  • No One Will Harm You

    No one can harm you, says the LORD. I Am your rear guard. I Am your shield. I Am your defense. There is no power greater than Mine, and I have your back. I will guard you night and day.+