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  • Apr 8@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    Don’t Wallow in Weariness

    Don’t be weary in well-doing, says the LORD. Let your vision come alive, and you stir up the gifts that I have given in you. I want you fiery hot, not lukewarm or cold. Even as MY goodness and mercy endures forever, I have made you to be like Me. Your goodness and mercy must also be patterned after Me, and REMAIN vital and constant. I have given you eternal purposes and what you do REMAINS! Your works that are good will follow you, and your reward awaits, says the LORD. Hold your head up high, and get your waking shoes on, for it is time to engage in that which I have called you to do, says the LORD. +

  • Don’t Waste Your Time on Regrets

    Don’t waste your time on regrets about your past mistakes, says the LORD. I have forgiven everyone of them and forgotten them. Do not dredge them up from the sea of forgetfulness! If I placed them there, LEAVE THEM THERE, +

  • I Will Pour Out My Grace and Favor Upon You

    I will pour out My favor and grace upon you and you will walk in the light of My glory, says the LORD. I have created you to have fellowship with Me, and I have given you My mercy that +

  • I Will Give You the Increase

    I will give you the increase, says the LORD. For I will breath on the very dead places that you have given up on and give it life. I will give you an increase of My riches that be in +