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  • Oct 18@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    I Will Give You Wisdom

        I will give you the tongue of the wise as you ask Me for wisdom, says the LORD.  You will not only have the answers for the complex difficulties that you will encounter in life, but you will be able to speak My Word of wisdom to others in their times of distress.  I always have a ready answer, and an on-spot solution for anything that happens.  I will not withhold My wisdom and I will give you My counsel as you entrust Me with your life and daily care, says the LORD.   I Am big enough and fully equipped to handle anything that you will face, says the LORD.  There is no storm that I cannot calm, +

  • Don’t Be Alarmed By Bad News You Hear

    Don’t be alarmed by the bad news that you hear, says the LORD. I have GOOD NEWS for you! I have given you eternal life, an eternal destiny, eternal rewards and eternal joy that is unspeakable and full of GLORY. +

  • Don’t Fret About Your Unknown Future

    Don’t fret about your unknown future, says the LORD. It is known by Me. I have planned and prepared for every moment of your earthly sojourn, and you need not worry. I know the way that you take, and I +

  • I Will Fulfill All My Promises

    None of My promises are off the table, says the LORD. I will fulfill all of them as I promised then in the first place and proclaimed them for you. Why would I tell you something and then not give +