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  • Sep 21@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    Honor Me

    Honor Me, and I will honor you, says the LORD. For no one who honors Me will take My WORD lightly. No one who Honors Me will seek their own will and way but will do My will. For My Sheep will hear My voice, and follow Me. Those who love Me will keep My commandments, and will not go to the left nor right, but attend unto My voice, says the LORD. I will not keep silent, says the Lord. You will hear. You will know. You will not have to guess, for I will show you the way, and enlighten the path before you that I have prepared for you. I Am your light and salvation, and I+

  • Perfection

    Perfect is PERFECT, says the LORD. I will give you perfect peace, as you trust in Me. I will give you perfect rest as you believe in Me and My infallible Word, at all times. I will give you perfect+

  • Partners for Africa Mission

    I want to ask those who are benefiting from the Ministry of Prophetic Light International, to consider partnering with me for the work of the ministry, not only to insure that the daily prophetic Word is posted, but for the+

  • My Way

    No way is better than My way, says the LORD. For My way is always right for you! You will never have to guess what the results will be, as you take the steps that I order for you and+