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  • Jun 5@ 12:05 pmProphet June Reinke

    Daily Devotional: Performance of Your Word

    Lord, we thank you that your WORD that is powerful, infallible and will be performed in our lives and loved ones as you watch over it to perform it! You have given us precious, priceless promises in your Word and we believe you will do exactly what you said for us, so that we can rest in your constant love, care, provision and help, now and always, no matter what is happening around us. You are with us always, and we are safe in your everlasting, loving arms. Amen +

  • Rest, Peace, Comfort and Joy

    Come into My presence where you will find rest, comfort, peace and joy, says the LORD. There is no other place that will give you these unspeakable gifts and assurance that you are safe, all is well, and you have +

  • Daily Devotional: Table of the LORD

    Lord, we thank you that you prepare a banquet table for us in your presence that is loaded with everything that we need. We have the bread of life, the milk of your infallible Word, the sweet honey of your +

  • Prepared, Preserved and Reserved Provision

    Everything that you need has been laid up in store for you, says the LORD. There is nothing that is not already prepared, already reserved, and already preserved for you. No one can steal what I have placed your name +