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  • Dec 3@ 12:05 pmProphet June Sheltrown

    Daily Devotional: God’s Word Heals

    Lord, I thank you for your powerful Word that brings healing to me as well as those I ask you to touch by your mighty power. I Am not worthy of your presence or the least of your benefits that you give me daily, but thank you that you are with Me always, as My healer, deliverer, caregiver, provider, helper, and Lord. I entrust My total care and the care of those I love to you and your infallible, powerful, penetrating, healing Word that you spoke when You said, “I Am the God that heals you.”  Amen. +

  • The Light of My Glory Will Be Seen

    I have not given you a spirit of depression, says the LORD. The oppressor has. Do not accept his dark presence or entertain his negative thoughts. I will give you My thoughts that are only good, powerful, productive, encouraging, comforting, +

  • Daily Devotional: Don’t Worry About the Future

    Thank you, Lord, that you will take care of me all the days of my life. I do not have to worry about what is going to happen tomorrow, or fret about my future. You have control of my life +

  • I Am With You Aways

    Always means Always, says the LORD. I said I will be with you, Always. I said it. I meant it, and I will do just what I said. You can depend upon My presence. You can depend upon My Love +


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