Daily Devotions

Daily Devotional: Under the Shadow of Your Wings

Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing, precious love that you have for us. We take refuge this day under the shadow of your wings, and we are safe, secure and blessed. We have assurance that you are never absent, but aware of us and our need, and your love sustains us, protects us, covers us

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Daily Devotional: Mercy, Salvation, Provision

We thank you Lord for your mercy and rejoice because of your salvation. We trust that you are with us to save us in our times of uncertainties and difficulties we face. Thank you for giving us more than we need, more than we have asked you for, and protecting us from the things that

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Daily Devotional: God is Our Shield and Exceeding Great Reward

Lord, we thank you this day that we do not have to fear anything You shield us from everything that is coming against us, and we are untouched and unharmed. You stand in the way of any enemy attack as our shield against sickness and disease. Thank you for being our exceeding great reward as

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Daily Devotional: Father of Mercy and Comfort

Thank you, Father GOD, for being our merciful father, and a GOD of all comfort for such a time as this. It is most reassuring to us to know that you are OUR eternal heavenly Father, and we are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. You have everything in control, and we trust in

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Daily Devotional: God Will Never Leave Nor Forsake You

Lord, we thank you for your promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us, regardless of the stresses, threats, fears and unknown future. One assurance we have is your presence, not as a passive observer or sympathizer, but you are there to protect, empower, help and comfort us. As we trust in you

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Daily Devotional: God Cares for You

Thank you, Lord, that I can cast upon you every burden, concern and cares of this life for myself and those I love. It is reassuring and comforting to know that you care for all of us, and nothing gets past your attention. You are a GOD of detail. Nothing is too big or small

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Daily Devotional: Trust in GOD in times of Fear

Thank you, Lord, that when I am afraid because of the things that I cannot control, the problems I cannot solve, the difficulties that seem overwhelming, I can put My trust in you. Your understanding is infinite, and nothing takes you by surprise. You will silence My fears and bring Me peace, regardless of the

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Daily Devotional: God is our Refuge and Strength

Thank you, Lord, that although the earth is reeling in this time of trouble, we know that you are our Refuge and our strength this day, and always. Even when we are in the thick of the storm, you shelter us, strengthen us. Fear is not an option, for you are with us to keep

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Daily Devotional: Protective Wall of Fire

Thank you, Lord, for the fire of your unquenchable love, your Word, your spirit, and Your consuming fire that destroys sickness and disease, surrounds and encases us, protects us, so we cannot be penetrated. With your glory in the midst of us, we are safe and secure as we can carry out our daily responsibilities,

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