Daily Devotional: Doing GOD’s Will

Thank you, Lord, that you have made me part of the family of GOD, because I choose you to Me My Savior and the Lord of My life. I desire your will to be done in my life and loved ones that are near and far. I choose to follow your WORD, your will, and walk in your light. My

Daily Devotional: Thanksgiving and Praise

Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings that you give to us daily. We praise your name and lift up our voices to you in songs of joy. You are the lover of our souls, and we sing unto you and make melody in our hearts as we focus on your goodness and mercy that endures forever to us. Amen

Daily Devotional: Restoration

Lord, we are prisoners of hope, for you have given us a living hope that will be fulfilled, as we place our lives in your hands, and entrust you as our Savior and LORD.   We thank you that you are a stronghold for us in our time of trouble.  We can run to you, who will rescue us. You are

Daily Devotional: Save, Secure, Defend, Protect

Thank you, Lord, that you are our Salvation.  We need not fear, for you are with us, to defend, secure, protect and empower us to overcome.  We will not be under the feet of our enemies, but they will be underfoot.  You will save us from our enemies, and bless us so that we will become a blessing. You are

Daily Devotional: Defend, Protect, Avenge

Thank you Lord for your protective, jealous love for me. For when my enemies attack me and come against me, they are poking you in your eye. You are the One who fights for me, defends me, stands alongside to help, and will avenge me of my adversaries, as I place my trust in you and your constant care for

Daily Devotional: Sing and Rejoice

Thank you, Lord, for giving us a song in our hearts of praise and thanksgiving, because you have liberated us, set us free, given us a new name written down in glory, filled us with your Holy Spirit and empowered us to do your work. You dwell in the midst of us, and in our hearts by our faith in

Daily Devotional: Peace, Love and Faith

Lord, we pray for your abiding love and peace to fill the hearts of every believer in you. Touch us by your mighty power, wrap your arms of love about us, and give us your grace and mercy. We entrust our lives to you, Lord, as our faith looks up to you. Fill us with the SPIRIT of FAITH, and

Daily Devotional: Redeemed

Thank you, Lord, that because of my faith and trust in you and the finished work of the cross, you have blotted out my sins and transgressions like a thick cloud, and removed them. They no longer exist in the records of heaven, as you have cleansed me from all unrighteousness by your precious blood and forgiven my sins. Thank

Daily Devotional: Mercy and Grace

We thank you, Lord, that we have access to you. You have given us an open invitation to come boldly into your presence, right before your sacred throne of grace, to make our requests known. You listen to us, care about us, and will give us mercy and grace to meet our need and help us in everything that we

Daily Devotional: Faithfully Guarding Me

Thank you, Lord, for faithfully guarding me day and night from the evil one.  I can rest assured that you are with me to keep me and those I love safe.  You will establish me, secure me, keep me, and cause Me to have success as you help me to achieve the things that you have called and chosen me