Daily Devotions

Restore Health and Healing

Thank you, Lord, that as we call upon your great name in our time of uncertainty and trouble, that you hear our prayers. As we entrust our lives and those we love to your tender love and mercy, that you will restore health onto us and our nation, and heal our wounds.  

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From Patience to Perfection

Lord, we thank you for your presence and peace in the midst of our storms in life, as we wait patiently on you and trust in you through everything we face daily. As we wait, hope, trust and believe, you are working things out. Patience will lead to perfection and completion in us. We will

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Desires of Our Heart

Thank you, Lord, that because we delight in you, as our personal Savior and Lord of our lives, you have promised to give Me the desires of our hearts. For such a time as this, when we face constant battles that are too great for us to win, you give us the victory, secure us,

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Blessed and Favored

Thank you, Lord for your many blessings. You have made us righteous by your own shed blood for us, and your finished work on the cross. We are blessed as we believe in you and receive your favor, as you shield us from anything that could harm us, because of your presence and power of

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Lord, we thank you that even though we have many troubling thoughts that generate fears and uncertainties, we delight in your presence that has a calming affect upon us. We shift our concerns over to you, and are comforted by your care, your love, and the reassurance we have in you as our Savior and

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Thank you, Lord, for being a mighty fortress and a high tower, that keeps every enemy, seen and unseen, known and unknown from reaching us.  As our refuge, you are always good to us, shielding us and defending us, because we completely trust in you as our Savior and Lord. Amen

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Fear Not

Thank you, Lord, for coming near to us the moment we call upon you, and you tell us not to fear. Because we put our trust in you, we are not anxious. You will sustain us, heal us, equip us, and take care of us and those we entrust to your care, because of your

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Thank you, Lord, for your healing power. Because of your great compassion, you heal the sick and also give us strength and help and good health. You are the one who heals all our wounds, whether physical, of the heart, or situational. You are mindful of us and will bring us out of all our

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Great is Our Lord

Lord, we thank you for your mighty power. Great is our GOD. There is nothing that you cannot do, as we place our trust in you. Your understanding is infinite, your power unsurpassed, and we thank you for your presence in our lives, to empower us, care for us and protect us from the known

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Sustain and Secure

Psalm 55:22: Cast your burden upon the Lord and he will sustain you. He shall never allow the righteous to be removed. Thank you Lord, that we can hurl all the care of ourselves and our loved ones onto you, who will sustain us, help us, and give us a sure foundation to stand upon

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