Healing Impartation

This video is for healing impartation of back pain and problems.  You will be instantly healed and delivered when you listen to this video and RECEIVE your healing by faith through Impartation.  Open the link below: Capture_20190716

Thank You for Your Support

I want to thank all of you who have supported the missions, supported the ministry in any means that you were able to do, and I want you to know you are a vital link to the nations that we are reaching for the KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS Glory! Those we were able to reach with your hep and

New Published Paperback book on Amazon

My New book is now published in paperback, available on Amazon for 14.95.  You can type in my name, June Reinke, and find it in both forms.  (e-book edition,  4.99).  The proceeds of the sales of the books go to the support of my ministry of Prophetic Light International, that reaches the nations for the Kingdom of GOD and His

New Published Book in Amazon

Just published on Amazon as an e-book, available or 4.99.  All proceeds go for the ministry of Prophetic Light International that reaches the nations for the Kingdom of GOD and His glory. Other books are also listed that are paperback books written by me that also support this ministry. Thanks for browsing and getting the books to help us to

Baby Miracle

Baby Miracle was born on My birthday, as I prophesied that she would be. Since technically they are 8 hours ahead of my time, there was only a 16 hour window on my birthday that she had to be born. She was born in that time frame! The was lifeless in her mother’s womb for over a week when I

Perils and Power in the Missions to Africa!

  It is not an exaggeration but a reality, when I say, “Perils and Power.”  God poured out His Spirit in every venue that we went to in the two missions and two countries I was in this year (Kenya/Uganda). But it was NOT without daily perils. Thousands were healed and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, and miracles happened daily

Baby Resurrected in the Womb

This is a picture of one of my Interpreters, Annania [on the far left hand side]. He was part of my team on two different occasions during my last mission in Africa. His wife, Cathy was 8 months pregnant, and became very weak. Her blood was low and he became very concerned. I wanted to pray for her over the


I want to thank all those who donated to Prophetic Light International, for the mission trips to Africa through face book, mail, and also through propheticlight.org. Your partnership with me through prayer and donations have helped enable me to go to 5 mission trips in Africa. Each one has been extremely impacting, and more powerful than the previous. Thousands have

Partners for the Nations

Please consider partnership with Prophetic Light International, to help us to reach the nations for the Kingdom of GOD and His glory. We cannot do this alone. God promised to: 1. Give seed to the sower and bread for your food 2. Give you a harvest of everything you sow, for GOD is not mocked. YOU WILL REAP A Harvest,

The Lord Confirmed His Word that He is Sending Me back to Africa

The Lord has confirmed that He is sending me back to Africa just now. As I was praying, I heard the voice of the LORD again speaking: “You will go back; you will go back. I will pour out My Holy SPIRIT and My fire. You will obey My voice in your ear. I will give you My voice in