Moved to Tears!

I am moved to tears with this written report from Pastor Wycliffe, my coordinator and team member of the Mission in Kenya that was called, “Fire and Glory.” Here is what he wrote:

EXCEPT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD… ATTEMPT GREAT THINGS FOR GOD. This statement became a reality when I met a great servant of God: Prophet June Sheltrown, who I have seen serving God with zeal, passion, sacrifices, tears, in joy, in laughter, in trials, tests and temptation. A person who can put everything and anything aside no matter what it is for the sake of the call. As always to her, mission is the key, and every soul counts. I was glad to coordinate her previous mission in Kenya in the month of September/October, organizing for her to daily minister in two different places, from colleges, schools, churches, house to house visitation, house fellowships and such. Honestly speaking, I was exhausted, but to her it was just the beginning. What a passion. A minister who doesn’t like to waste time and of course as we know, Kenya is a tourist destination for holidays and luxurious, but to her, no time to waste any time, minutes, seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. She needs to engage with a person, and of course it is one on one.

With this character, allow me to register that if commission by an earthly king is considered honor, how can a commission by a heavenly king be considered a SACRIFICE, and that is what you have paid .For them that don’t understand you, they know nothing about you. Some may think you are over spiritual, overworking, insane, a mad person, but allow me to testify that Prophet June, you are truly called to serve, and may you live to fulfill this purpose. A call is something beyond human explanation. Only heaven can define it.

The fire and glory mission was a success. Oh yes, a success because thousands were imparted, hundreds received Christ, and hundreds were healed, to the Glory of God. Mama, I am proud of you. You are fearless, tireless, and of course a giant in God’s field. Your labor is not in vain. May the God of records keep them for accountability one day: to the harsh conditions from roads, sleeping places, food and the climate, but yet you consider them as a blessing to serve, and not a curse to give a lame excuse.

I have received a lot of testimonies out of your trip here as you plan for the fire and Glory mission 2024. As much as the budget is sometimes too big for you, God will fix it. For God’s work done in God’s way will never lack supply. He is too wise to frustrate his purpose for lack of funds, and he can just as easily supply them ahead of time as afterwards, and he much prefers doing so. To any one who stands with this vision, I am here to testify that the God of accountability knows what I am talking about. No penny is wasted. Even now, God is working a miracle behind the scenes, and 2024 Mission is a success. I Honor you servant of God.

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