June 14, 2019

Rebellion, Repentance, Restoration

Passage: Book of Johan

Bible Text: Book of Johan | Preacher: Prophet June Reinke | There is an element in every person under the son that wants to have his own way. A child does not automatically submit to the will of his parents, teachers or other authority figures. He learns self discipline by BEING disciplined. A child left to himself will never come to maturity as an asset to the community where he lives, others or himself. So it is with everyone of us, who are children of GOD.
Children may never express it openly, but they actually believe they know more than their parents and instructors. They go by feelings and are self-willed and self-serving. We may not openly express that we think our ways are better than the sovereign will of GOD, but we do so subtly by questioning Him. Children ask, “Why?” Do we not ask GOD, “Why?” Why can’t we have this? Why can’t we do this. Why are you allowing this to happen? Why do the wicked prosper? Why do I have to suffer?
Then we ask, “What! “Where.” “How.”, “When.” There is no end of our questions, even if they are not verbal. We become frustrated with boundaries, just as children are. They are not allowed to come and go as they please. “Don’t go across the street.” “Don’t go out of the yard.” They do not like restrictions that are put in place for their own safety and well-being, because they cannot see the purpose of it. WE ARE NO DIFFERENT when it comes to our narrow vision and understanding.
We cannot always explain everything to children to satisfy them when we say, “No, not now.” God cannot always give us clear understanding of His higher ways and thoughts that are infinite. Ours are very clouded in comparison.
As children rebel and disobey their parents, only to discover the error of their own ways the hard way, we do the same thing. Jonah was a prophet of GOD, and KNEW the will of GOD. He had clear understanding of what GOD was asking him to do, but went the opposite way. We can judge him for that, but then we find ourselves judging ourselves. For often we too have gone in a different direction, after knowing the will of GOD, only to find ourselves in the quagmire of our own doing.
Rebellion and disobedience does not alter the will of GOD. He knew that Jonah would rebel. As you read the passages, you see that GOD prepared the fish to swallow Jonah. GOD knew He was NOT going to go to Nineveh. He prepared that fish in advance of his decision to go in the opposite way that GOD wanted him to go. GOD KNEW when He spoke to Jonah the first time, that he would not obey His voice. BUT ultimately, GOD would have His way. Jonah WOULD go to Nineveh.
Our own children do not always obey the first time. Ultimately, the submit. It might take unwanted discipline, but they will finally comply.
Jonah cried unto GOD by reason of His affliction, when he was in the belly of the whale. GOD HEARD and answered. He commanded the whale to vomit Jonah out on DRY LAND. He could have spit him out in the sea and Jonah would have drown. But it was on the safety of the shore that he was spewed out.
How many times have we too cried onto GOD by reason of our own affliction! We to have been spewed out of our destructive consequences because of the love and mercy of GOD. He is our EVERLASTING FATHER, and the FATHER of all MERCIES! He is going to rescue us even when we do it to ourselves. He LOVES us! If your child gets his hand burned on the stove, you soothe his wounds, as you remind him NEVER TO TOUCH the hot stove again. You may have warned him before, but once burned, you medicate him. You want your child to HEAL and fully recover!
Do you think GOD is happy when we suffer as a result of our rebellion and disobedience? Certainly NOT! He only wants that which is GOOD for you. FATHER KNOWS BEST! We learn to trust in Him, not because we did not disobey, but because we DID, and found that what He told us to warn us (so we would not suffer) was true. Then He heals us and comforts us and restores us.
The whale that swallowed Jonah was prepared by GOD in advance. It was not any fish, but a special creation that would not eat him alive. Who could have been swallowed by an ordinary whale and survived three days and nights!
Rebellion and disobedience did not delay or destroy the will and word of GOD. HE KNEW in advance the very day and hour that Jonah would stand on the grounds of Nineveh and preach and prophesy. God cannot change His mind, His ways, His will, His purposes, His plan, regardless of what others do or do not do. HIS WILL SHALL BE DONE ON EARTH as it is in heaven.
If you are in the belly of the whale, cry out to GOD by reason of your affliction! It does not matter if you went the wrong way. He will get you back on track, as He has you vomited out of your affliction, onto the safety of the shore, and HE will heal your wounds….even the self inflicted ones. GOD is SOVEREIGN. His higher ways and thoughts and infinite wisdom and understanding is beyond ours, but as we learn to trust in Him, we will begin to comprehend that HE WILL PREPARE a way for us when there is no way, and rescue us from the darkness, the defeat, the place of certain death, and we will walk in the light of a new day, fulfilling our destiny purpose, to the jot and tittle of THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Prophet June Reinke, propheticlight.org

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