May 24, 2019


Passage: Luke 22:8; Psalm 1:9; Matthew 26:14-16; Matthew 27:5

Bible Text: Luke 22:8; Psalm 1:9; Matthew 26:14-16; Matthew 27:5 | Preacher: Prophet June Reinke |

Betrayal, by Prophet June Reinke

One of the most difficult things that you will face as a believer is betrayal, because it is not done by an enemy or a mere acquaintance, but a FAMILIAR Friend. It is not what you expected could ever happen. A beloved friend that you trusted, that you cared about, that you spent quality and perhaps quantity time with, someone who KNEW YOU WELL, and you thought was a close ally of yours turns against you, selling you as if you are a material object rather than a person who has feelings, suffers pain, and can be irrevocably wounded. Rejection by a friend is one thing, but betrayal is much worse.

When this happens, you begin to question the integrity of any friendship and relationship that remains. You may wonder if you can endure the pain, the reality of the loss of someone you dearly loved and trusted, and the sense of aloneness that you experience for days, weeks, months, and more!

You share your most intimate thoughts with a close friend. They know you better than anyone else. It is a privileged relationship where you shared your most private thoughts and fears. When such a person betrays you, it is crushing and creates deep internal wounds that do not heal quickly.

When you are able to process the shock and then the corresponding grief, you then turn your pain into a plea for justice. Betrayal goes beyond hurt. It is totally unfounded. The accusations against you are false. Others that you thought were your friends will suddenly be questioned as to whether they are loyal or also siding with erroneous slander against you.

The ONE CONSOLATION that you have is that betrayal will not harm you nearly as much as the one who betrays you. You will heal with the help and comfort of the LORD. But what happens to the one who betrays you? DEATH!

There are worse things that can happen then physical death, as Judas exemplified, when he went out and hung himself, and went to hell. Yes, Jesus was betrayed, condemned and crucified, but He rose again in triumph over death and hell and the grave. However, Judas would not find a way of escape. He died physically. He died spiritually. He died eternally and went into everlasting chains of darkness and hell fire that is never quenched, where the worm dies NOT.

There is a worse death than physical death. Judas was one of the twelve chosen disciples. He was impowered to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, and preach the good news of the Gospel. He had intimate fellowship and friendship with JESUS. What a privileged position he had that others would have given anything to have. But he died to his destiny purpose. He died spiritually and found no place of healing or repentance.

Those who are betrayed may go to the cross after being unlawfully judged and condemned. But though they suffer for awhile, are exposed to open shame, and the cruel death and impending grave, they will rise again in newness of life.

You may have been betrayed by your best friend and lover, who turned out to be your worst enemy. You may face open embarrassment from injustices that seem to destroy your life. BUT your LIFE IS HID IN CHRIST, who rose again from the grave, not as he was, but in power and glory. You too will rise again in newness of life. Your destiny did not die. You died to self. You died to those things that are of this world, but you LIVE and MOVE and Have YOUR BEING in CHRIST, the living GOD. Because He lives, you live also. You will come forth out of that grave, with new authority, power and promotion.

The enemy that you thought was your closest friend will not rise again. God will do the justice, vindicate you, and avenge you of your adversaries. You can rest, assured that it will be well with you, while the fate of the Judas is sealed. Judas hangs himself, and you will not have to do anything to make it happen. Betrayal is always self destructive.

Judas destroyed his own destiny purpose. You are not responsible for the betrayal. You suffering will come to a sudden end. You will rise again, and you will be empowered to fulfill your destiny purpose as you come forth with power, fresh anointing, life, vitality, purpose and exceeding joy. Yes, you will rise again, and you will be better than ever before, and God will make all things new for you, and you too will be made NEW!  [Psalm 41:9; Luke 22:8; Matthew 26:14-16; Matthew 27:5].

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  1. This message resonates with my spirit today. Thank you Pastor/Prophet/Bride of Christ for this uplifting Hopeful words of encouragement. Praise our Abba Father!

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