I Do Care for You

Cast Cares

Cast all of your cares upon Me, for I do care for you, says the LORD. I care about what you are facing and I care about the things that you need. I love you with an unimpeachable love that never ends. My grace is sufficient for you. Come closer to Me and shift the load upon Me, for it

Stand Firm

Stand firm, says the LORD. Stand straight and tall! Stand unafraid! Stand in determined faith and trust in Me. Stand fast and hold fast to what you know to be true. For I Am the Way, the truth and the life. I Am unchanging with the times that change. I Am fixed and solid and I want you to remain

Good Is My Word

Good is My WORD, says the LORD.  GOOD is My WORK. My will is GOOD.  My WORD and MY WILL, and MY WORK are the same. There is no separation, no difference and no variance in them.  They are completely aligned and ONE.  Trust that If I said it, I will it and I work it, says the LORD.  I