Daily Prophecies

My Word is Truth

My Word is truth, says the Lord. What I have said, I will do. I cannot lie. I cannot change. I cannot alter My Word, and I will do it as you believe it. Believe and receive what I have said, for as you believe what I say, you will say the same thing consistently.

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Pursue My Kingdom

I have given you eternal life, says the Lord. I have brought you into My kingdom that is without end, as you have received Me as your Savior and Lord. Do not let the cares of this life become your focus and distraction, and cause you to be unfruitful. Do not dwell on riches of

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Tranquility and Peace

I will cancel the diabolical assignments of the enemy against you, and bring destruction to the destroyer, says the Lord. I will interfere with interference, and interrupt the things that are endeavoring to distract you and impede your progress in Me. I will laugh at the enemy that is mocking you. I will disappoint the

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Revival Fire

Get ready for revival, says the Lord. Get ready for the outpouring of My Spirit and My glory. For I will pour out My fire and My glory. I will astound you with My power. I will be on display, for I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you. I will do great

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Enduring Love

My love for you is enduring, says the Lord. Others have come and gone in your life, and have left you with a feeling of emptiness, abandonment, rejection, and loneliness. But this is not true of Me. I will be that friend that sticks to you, closer than any brother, a spouse, a parent, or

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I have made you an over comer, says the Lord. Be what I have created you to be! Overcome! Do not fold your hands in frustration and desperation and quit. For that is not the position of valor that I have given you. You are not a coward. You are a warrior. You are not

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I Will Establish You in My Kingdom

I will establish you in My kingdom, by My power and for My glory, say the Lord. Your roots will go deeper, as I have planted you, and you will not be uprooted. I will empower you by My Spirit, and there will not be any breach of promise. What I tell you will happen,

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Go Deeper!

My deep is calling for your deep, says the Lord.  Go deeper in the realm of My Spirit.  It is time to relinquish the mundane and boring and worldly advice of others and enter into the supernatural.  For the natural things are governed by My supernatural voice.  For what I say will be done.  My

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Position and Honor

Do not lament over your losses, says the Lord. Though your Zig-lag has been burned to the ground, and your goods stolen from you, I have better things in store for you. The new is better than the old. You have been despised and rejected of some. Your own has not received you. But I

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I Will Perfect You!

I do excellent work, says the Lord.  What I do is perfect, and I will perfect that which concerns you.  I will make you whole. I will heal your wounds and pour in the oil and the wine and beautify you with My holiness. I have imputed My righteousness in you, and dwell in you

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