Don’t Become Battle Fatigued

Don’t become battle fatigued or weary in well-doing, says the LORD. Don’t let the footmen weary you. What will you do when the horsemen come? I did not call you to cower, but to resist the dark one, and he will flee from you. Resistance has no elements of passivity. It is a call to action, not idle faith. You

Blanketed By My Comfort and Peace

I Am your comforter, says the LORD. Although you may feel the pressures from troubles on every side, I have come alongside to help you and to give you the comfort of My love, the comfort of My presence, the comfort of My promises, and the comfort of My Holy Spirit. I WILL comfort you in any trouble and you

I Am Calling You to Righteousness and Holiness

The righteous will be marked, says the LORD. They will be distinctly different, for they will never bow to the will of the people, but they will bow their knees to Me in surrender to My will. They are the ones who will shine forth in My kingdom that is without end. They will be my ready warriors, my giant


The work of the enemy is to weaken you, sicken you, impoverish you, defeat you, and destroy you, says the LORD. Those works are NOT My works. I have come to defeat the defeat, destroy the destroyer, strengthen you, provision you, and heal you, deliver you and empower you. Don’t attribute any of the works of the dark one to

I Have Sent My Angelic Reinforcements

I will under gird you, overshadow you, surround you and indwell you, says the LORD. Why are you troubled within? You cannot lose and the enemy cannot win. I will give you ultimate victory, and you will be undefeated as you place your confidence in Me. I will stand, faithfully by your side, to hold you up and keep you

Creating, Impacting, Healing, Delivering, Empowering, Helping

Passivity does NOT describe Me, says the LORD. I Am always moving, working, impacting, creating, healing, delivering, empowering, helping, and never silent or idle. There is no time that My Words do not become My very Work. My thoughts are My actions that will speak in the end. I Am actively involved in the lives and destinies of everyone of

I Know You, I See You, I Hear You, I Care

I know you, I see you, I hear you, and I care, says the LORD. I understand you. You never have to explain yourself to Me. I know your deepest thoughts, your greatest fears, and your pain that you even try to hide from others. I hear every word that you say, every prayer that you pray, and even know

I Will Show Forth My Power and Confirm My Authority

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING takes Me by surprise, says the LORD. The sneaky attacks of the evil one are NOT secrets hid from My all-seeing, all-knowing eyes. I know what his diabolical plans are, and I have come to destroy his works. He cannot hide from Me, and there is nothing that he plans that I do not already know. There

The Harvest Will Be Great

The harvest is coming

The harvest will be great, says the LORD. Your labors for Me will not reap a failed harvest, but a bountiful one for My kingdom. You will reap what you have sown, and as you continue to sow, your harvest will be continual. You will be sowing and reaping at the same time. I have prepared you for the times

Intimacy, Communion and Communication with Me

You can have constant communion and communication with Me, says the LORD. I desire intimacy with you. I want to have unceasing fellowship and friendship with you. I desire to walk with you, talk with you, and share My heart with you as well as you to share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with me. Your pain and infirmities