Daily Prophecies

Daily Renewed

I will renew your strength as you wait upon Me, says the Lord. I will restore you as you entrust Me with your care. I will energize you and give you vitality. You will be empowered to do everything that you need to do, as I strengthen you, uphold you and fill you with new

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Trump Prophetic Dream-Vision

I preface this posting of this vision by indicating that in no way am I sharing this for the purpose of politics, approval, or promoting any political personality, party, or position. I am not here to tell you what to believe or direct you to vote for any person or party. That is not my

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Let My Love Become You

I have fully cleansed you from all unrighteousness, says the Lord. I have removed every mark and stain of sin from your life, by My shed blood for you and the finished work on the cross, as you have believed in Me, and received Me as your savior and Lord. I have not ever been

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My Voice Will Lead and Guide You

Quiet yourself in My presence, so that you can hear My voice within you, says the Lord. For I will not be shouting at you. Even though the enemy roars, and makes a lot of racket to get your attention away from Me, resist becoming distracted by his threats and terrorizing thoughts that he is

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Wisdom and Counsel

Your help comes from Me, says the Lord. Do not look to others as your source of wisdom and counsel that is inferior, but look to Me. For I will never steer you wrong, and I know the way that you take. I know the future, and I Am aware of all that you have

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This Day is a Gift to Use Wisely

This very day that I have created has purpose, says the Lord. Do not let apathy swallow you up. Do not let anything discourage you or cause you to believe that there is no value in this time that I have given you. Do not waste the minutes or hours in wallowing in despondency and

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Surrounded by My Glory

My grace is always sufficient for you, says the Lord. It is never short of your need. I will never have anything insufficient to offer you, and you will have all the grace and favor that you need, forever, as you entrust Me with your life. There is nothing that you need that I will

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You Will Become a Terror to the Enemy!

You will be prepared for every good work that I have called and chosen you to do in My kingdom, and you will do great feats for Me, as you have learn how to war, and remain fixed in Me, firm in the faith, as you stand, says the Lord. For My strength is made

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Sword of My Spirit

Your trophy will not be the sword of the enemy, as David of old took it from the giant, Goliath, and cut off his head, says the Lord. Your trophy will be My sword of My spirit, that defeats the enemy, cuts off his head, and destroys his weapons. For the giant’s sword is smaller

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Champions are War Heroes

The trying of your faith that stretches your patience will fortify your patience, says the Lord. I Am doing a work in you. You are becoming stronger. You are enduring hardness, as a good soldier in Me. You are equipping yourself in Me, and I have taught your hands to war. It is not the

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