Be Thankful

Be thankful, says the LORD. Every good thing that you have has come from Me. I have given you life. I have given you a living hope. I have given you good things to enjoy. I have given My life for you, so that you can be part of My kingdom that is without end. I have given you unspeakable

Daily Devotional: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Thank you, Lord, that when we are down in our spirits, you will lift us up. Depression is not from you, and we are encouraged by your Word, embraced by the your presence, surrounded by your love, and comforted by your Spirit. You are with us and your promises will sustain us as we entrust our lives to the One

Be Filled With My Holy Spirit

Come closer to Me, says the LORD. Empty yourself of every care and the things that are not beneficial and be filled with My Spirit. Come hungry. Come thirsty. Come quickly and come completely, for I want your undivided attention. Spend quality, intimate time with Me, for I have so much I want to share with you, that will empower

Daily Devotional: Mountain Moving Faith

Thank you, Lord, that we can trust you for those things that we desire, but are not yet embracing, confidently knowing that you will give them to us, as we wait on you. You have given us the measure of faith that is big enough to move unwanted mountains and cast them in the sea. You have empowered us with


Don’t attribute the difficulties that you are going through to Me, says the LORD. I Am not the author of them. The enemy is. He wants you to believe that I Am teaching you a lesson and punishing you for something that you did or something that you neglected to do. Don’t believe that lie. I Am your HEALER, and

Daily Devotional: Healing

Thank you, Lord, that you will sustain and strengthen me when I am on my sickbed. You will heal my body and restore health to me. You are always with me to give me the comfort and help, as I await your total healing and deliverance. I will come out of this difficulty with vitality and wholeness, because you are

I Will Hear and Answer Your Prayers

I will always hear and answer your prayers, says the LORD. All those who call upon My name will be received of Me and heard! You never have to wait for me to finish something else before I give you time and attention, for I will hear the cry of your heart, and even your thoughts that you direct toward

Daily Devotional: Goodness and Mercy

Thank you, Lord, for reassurance that your goodness and mercy for me is unending, uninterrupted, constant, and dependable, throughout my entire lifetime. They are independent of the troubles I see, the difficulties that I encounter, and the unknown future that is in your hands. I can trust you to deliver me from evil, and you have prepared a permanent place

There Will Arise a Great Army of Ready Warriors

Great is My faithfulness to you at all times, says the LORD. I have kept you all the days of your life, and you are where I want you to be right now. I Am the One who shifts you, and your times and seasons are in My hands that are in control of your destiny. Be assured that I

Daily Devotional: Anointing

Psalm 23:5 Thank you, Lord, for the anointing of your holy Spirit that you pour out onto Me and into me. It runs down from my head, covers me, and fills me. It is the oil of your anointing that gives me complete joy and peace. You empower me with your Holy Spirit and separate Me onto yourself, as you