Daily Devotional: Compassion

Lord, we thank you for your love and compassion that is renewable for us everyday, because we reverence and honor you as our Father GOD. You are always ready to help us, and you are mindful of our tears that you wipe away. You will never ignore the cry of our hearts as we come to you in simple, childlike

Daily Devotional: You are the Potter

We thank you, Heavenly Father, because you are our Creator. We are perfectly designed by you. Just as the potter has control over the clay that is in his hands, our lives are in your control. Things may seem to be spinning out of control, but all is well, for you are with us, watching over us, molding and making

Daily Devotional: Father of Mercy and Comfort

Thank you, Father GOD, for being our merciful father, and a GOD of all comfort for such a time as this. It is most reassuring to us to know that you are OUR eternal heavenly Father, and we are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. You have everything in control, and we trust in your mercy that endures forever.