I will establish you in My kingdom and bring you stability in your life, says the LORD. For the ups, and downs you are experiencing emotionally and mentally and situationally, that cause you to be tossed and turned, are not of Me. I will establish you in My Word, and establish you in My Work. I will establish you in

Eternal Investments Reap Eternal Rewards


I did not call you to be a pleaser of people, says the LORD. For pleasing Me is what your pursuit is to be. Please Me, and Let Me become your pursuit and your desire. Let My will be the longing of your soul and your highest heart’s desire. For I long to say of you, that you are My

Pursue My Kingdom

I have given you eternal life, says the LORD. I have brought you into My kingdom that is without end, as you have received Me as your Savior and LORD. Do not let the cares of this life become your focus and distraction, and cause you to be unfruitful. Do not dwell on riches in this world. For the world

I Have Planted You into My Kingdom

Forever I have planted you into My kingdom, and you will not be uprooted, says the LORD. For what I do is done. Even as I have begun a good work in you, I will complete it. I will perfect what concerns you and you will not be lost or undone. You will not be empty, but full. You will

I Have Planted You in My Kingdom

I have planted you in My kingdom, and you will not be uprooted, says the LORD. No storm in life will topple you over or spoil your fruit. For you are rooted and grounded in Me and MY Holy Word. What I plant is righteousness, and you are a tree of righteousness, and the fruit you bear is righteousness and

You Have My Attention

You have My attention, says the LORD. I see you. I hear you. I know you. I Am with you. I Am not oblivious of your needs and I will not ignore the cry of your heart. For I know YOUR THOUGHTS. I know your concerns. I Am aware of your needs even before you think them, know them, or

Fruitful in My Kingdom

I will cause you to be fruitful in My kingdom, says the LORD. For though you do not see the fruit that you want to see, fruit that comes to maturity, fruit that is bountiful, fruit that remains, it is coming, says the LORD. I will not be mocked. What you sow, you will reap. You have not sown in

Enforce My Kingdom

Enforce, enforce, enforce My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the Lord. Diligently seek Me and My kingdom with all your heart. Let that be your first and utmost pursuit. For this must be your foundation, your desire, your focus and your primary endeavor. Give Me My rightful place and press into Me and My kingdom. For

Keys to My Kingdom

I have given you the keys to My kingdom, says the LORD. USE THEM! They will open up all the storehouses of blessings upon blessings upon blessings that I have held in reserve for you. I AM not holding back on you. All that I have is yours. Now you hold the keys. Now you can unlock the doors. Now

Every Step That You Take

I will direct your path and order every step that you take, says the Lord. You didn’t think that I would let you just wander around hopelessly, did you? I have a plan and a purpose for your life and I will fully train you for it. The testing of your faith only makes you stronger, not weaker. You have