Daily Devotional: Overflowing Provision

Psalm 23:5 Thank you, Lord, for that your constant provision and blessings that you give me in every area and aspect of my life are overflowing. I have no room to contain them all. You over-supply me, as you lavish your love and blessings upon me, because I am your child. I can trust in you to provision Me, and

Daily Devotional: Marvelous Loving-Kindness

Thank you, Lord for giving us a bountiful supply as you lavish your love and kindness upon us, and shower us with unspeakable gifts and blessings. We will sing praises onto you who liberally and generously pours out your blessings upon us as you supply every need, heal us, and give us more than we could ever adequately thank you

Daily Devotional: Marvelous Loving-Kingness

Thank you, Lord, for putting your marvelous loving-kindness for us on display. You save us by your own righteous hand, because we entrust you with our entire lives. Our enemies that rise up against us cannot defeat us, and the thief cannot steal, kill or destroy us because of your your devoted, constant care. Amen

Daily Devotional: Daily Benefits

Lord, We bless your holy name, as we acknowledge all the benefits you give us: forgiving us, healing us of all diseases, saving our lives from destruction, crowing us with your loving-kindness and tender mercies, satisfying us with GOOD things, and renewing our strength. Thank you for your constant love and care as we entrust our lives to you. Amen.

Infallible Love

Nothing can separate you from Me or My love for you, says the LORD. You will not be able to be plucked out of My hands. I Am with you as your caregiver, and lover of your soul. I Am your place of safety, and care for your soul. When others abandon you and abuse you, I will ever do