I Have Given You a Reason for Living

I Have given you a reason for living, says the LORD. My Spirit is in you. Your life is hidden in Me. I have meticulously formed you for My purposes and My glory. Your life has significance and permanency in ME. You are not going to be overlooked or discarded. I will not banish you from My kingdom or abort

You Are Unique, Special, Irreplaceable

You are unique and special, says the LORD. No one can take your place. No one can do what YOU DO, for you have a personal, precise purpose that is never going to be completed by another. I have given you a position in ME that is powerful, productive, and pronounced in the heavenlies, that will be perfected on earth,

Mind Those Things That Are Above

My thoughts and ways that are higher than yours are an open invitation for you to come up higher and change your own mindset, says the LORD. Do not wrap yourself in the things that you now see, hear, and the bad news that desires to absorb and dominate your own thoughts. I have given you MY MIND, and My

Placed, Positioned, Prepared, Empowered

God will Fulfill

You are not an “oops”, or the product of someone else’s making, but a special creation, says the LORD. You have a good purpose. I did not plan for you to be idle, unproductive, ignored, bypassed or on stand-by.  You have been placed, positioned, and prepared for such a time as this.  You will not be an observer or a

I Will Give You More Than Enough!

I own the earth. I own the silver and the gold. I own the cattle on a thousand hills. I own the hills, the valleys, and Am the ONE who controls what I own, says the LORD. Nothing is impossible with Me, and nothing is beyond Me. I will give you everything that you need, grant every desire of your

Light and Life

I Am Light and life in you, says the LORD. Your light cannot be extinguished. It is shining in the darkness all around you, and will make a difference. Others will come to the light and their lives will be greatly impacted by My light in you. As you walk in My light your destiny purpose will become brighter and

Obey My Voice

Turn your face away from the naysayers and the unbelievers and look in the opposite direction, says the Lord. Shut your ears to the illegitimate voices that never believe, never agree with Me, and never encourage you to obey My voice that is compelling you to do My Will and Work for My kingdom. You do not need the distractions

Just Wait and SEE What I Am Going to DO!

Forget about the things that happened in the past that hurt you, says the LORD. They did not destroy you, and will not, if you will believe Me when I tell you that everything will work together for GOOD, to fulfill My purpose and plan in your life. The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy YOU, but he could

What You Believe Will Determine What You Will Receive

What you believe will determine what you will receive, says the LORD. Why infest your holy faith that I have given onto you on things that you do NOT want to see in your life and that of others? Delete those negative thoughts and feelings, and do not rehearse the roles that the enemy wants you to play out. They

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

Take up your cross and follow Me, says the LORD. It will not lead you to your demise, but rather to your destiny purpose in Me. You will walk in resurrection power and have authority and position in Me as you abandon and deny yourself and acclaim Me as the LORD of your life, and you obey My voice. I