Daily Devotional: Mourning Into Dancing

Thank you, Lord, that you will turn my mourning into dancing. You will removed the dark, bleak garments of sorrow, and clothe me with joy and gladness. My heart will sing praises onto you, and be thankful to you forever, for you will answer my prayers, and meet all my need as I place my trust in you. Amen.

Daily Devotional: God is in the Midst of You

I thank you, Lord, that you are in the midst of Me, and in the center of all My circumstances, to save me by your mighty power. You rejoice over me, because I am your beloved child that you have redeemed and positioned Me in your family. Your love brings me rest and quietness in any conflict, as you sing

Multiplied Blessings

I will give you exactly what you need, for I know everything about you, and understand what you do not, says the LORD. I see even the smallest needs that you have, and I will supply them. I Am your exceeding, great reward. I will furnish a table for you to come and feast. All you need, and desire is