Bold and Strong

Be bold and brave and strong in Me, says the LORD.  For I will fortify you, and strengthen you and help you, says the LORD.  Your heart will be knit with Mine, and you will have My thoughts in you. I will give you courage, and you will be filled with My might and power and glory.  You will stand


You have done everything that you can do, says the Lord. You have cried. You have prayed. You have fasted. You have fought a good fight. You have engaged in warfare against the enemy. You have paced the floor. You have lost sleep. You have been anxious. You have clenched your fists in prayer. You have been relentless, and you

Stop Whining and Stop Crying

Now stop whining and stop crying about your circumstances and get busy about My business, says the LORD. I know what you need. I have not put the stop sign up. I have not put a chasm in the way or walls and mountains in your path to keep you from going forward. The enemy has made it his purpose