Daily Devotional: Renewed Strength

We thank you, Lord, that you never faint. You never grow weary. You empower us when we are weak. You increase our strength when we have no might. Even the unbelieving youth will faint and be weary, but no matter what our age is, you empower us. You renew our strength so that we can soar like an eagle. We

Daily Devotional: Hope in the Lord

We thank you, Lord, that your roar is greater than the enemy that rages against us. You will utter your voice, publish and perform your wonderful, infallible Word for us. You are our hope and our strength. You are our defense, protection, place of safety, healer and deliverer. We are secure in you, and fully kept, because we belong to

Daily Devotional: Prolonged Life

We thank you, Lord, that you will prolong our lives, because we have reverence for you as our Savior and LORD.  You will heal us, strengthen us, revive us, restore us, because of your unimpeachable love, your presence in our lives, and your constant care for us.  Amen.

I Am Your Strength

I am your strength, says the Lord. I Am your enabler. I Am life and light in you. You are not a weakling. You can do everything that I have called and chosen you to do! I Am the One Who equips you, and gives you the wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding that you need for the hour, and I

Be Filled With My Holy Spirit

Come closer to Me, says the LORD. Empty yourself of every care and the things that are not beneficial and be filled with My Spirit. Come hungry. Come thirsty. Come quickly and come completely, for I want your undivided attention. Spend quality, intimate time with Me, for I have so much I want to share with you, that will empower

Daily Devotional: Healing

Thank you, Lord, that you will sustain and strengthen me when I am on my sickbed. You will heal my body and restore health to me. You are always with me to give me the comfort and help, as I await your total healing and deliverance. I will come out of this difficulty with vitality and wholeness, because you are

Daily Devotional: I Will Trust in GOD and Not Be Afraid

Lord, I thank you, that you are trustworthy. I will not be afraid, because you are the One Who strengthens and helps me. You are MY Salvation, were I can find shelter and refuge from any threat against me. I will sing of your goodness and mercy all the days of My life, for they are never depleted, and your

Daily Devotional: The Prayer of Faith Saves the Sick

Thank you, Lord, that as we come to you in prayer for healing, you will hear and answer our prayers, and renew our strength and restore our health, as we entrust our lives and those we love to your care. When you died on the cross for our sins, you also paid the price for our healing. We entrust our

Daily Devotional: By Faith

Thank you, Lord, that as I place my faith and trust in you and your infallible Word and Name that is above any other, you will heal me, repair me, revive me, and restore Me, strengthen Me and provision Me. I trust you for My healing and deliverance, as I place my care into your hands, because you are the

Your Weakness Will Become Strength

I will set your face like flint, says the LORD. I will make you a sharp instrument in My hands with teeth. You will not become prey to the enemy, but they will become prey to you. As you have been sought out for destruction and cursed by the enemy, I will make the enemy a curse I will cause