Follow Me!

I know the end from the beginning, says the LORD. For I Am the first and the last, the beginning and the end. NOTHING takes Me by surprise, nor puts me off balance. Nothing distracts Me and nothing can alter me. I cannot be harmed, and everything is completely in My control. Nothing commands My attention, as My will shall

Honor Me

Honor Me, and I will honor you, says the LORD. For no one who honors Me will take My WORD lightly. No one who Honors Me will seek their own will and way but will do My will. For My Sheep will hear My voice, and follow Me. Those who love Me will keep My commandments, and will not go

My Voice

My voice is the voice of many waters, says the LORD. All the earth is full of My glory and My knowledge will fill the earth that I created for My pleasure. I Am the Lord of everything, and the Sovereign. I will be heard. I will manifest My power and glory. For there is none other like Me. I

I Am Speaking

I AM speaking, says the LORD. I have not ceased to declare. I have not ceased to decree. I have not ceased to command. I watch over MY Word to perform it. It is not an inactive, powerless Word, for My Will and My WORD and MY Work are in perfect agreement. I DO MY WORD. IT IS PENETRATING and

My Voice Shall Be Heard

My voice shall be heard, says the LORD. It is the voice of many waters and it will resound throughout the earth that I created for My purpose, My pleasure and My glory. I Will speak! My knowledge shall fill the earth. For I will not be silenced. I will not keep quiet! I will not be kept secret, for

Wait for Clarity

Wait for clarity that comes within you, says the LORD. Be still. Be still. Know that I Am GOD in the midst of you and I know how to get your attention. When you do not hear, I will speak again. I have not left you and even as I called Samuel of old who heard me but didn’t recognize

I Am the Door

I Am the door, says the LORD. You do not have to pound on the door to get My attention! You do not have to blast your way into My kingdom. I Am on your side. You do not have to fight your way in. I have given you access! I have given you the KEYS! This is where you

My Still Small Voice

My voice, My still, small voice is on the inside of you, says the LORD. I Am the Wonderful Counselor, and I have not left you without direction. I have not abandoned you to do what is right in your own sight and I have not given you over to your own devices. I Am your director, and I Am

Wait on Me

Wait on Me. I will renew your strength, says the Lord. Wait patiently upon Me. I will bring it to pass. I will do it by My Spirit. It is not the work that you can do or anyone else can do. It is about what I can do, what I can affect, what I can cause, what I can

Sound of My Voice

  If you will listen to the sound of My voice, If you will hear My voice and obey My voice and follow ME, then you will have great success. For I will never lead you astray. I will never ensnare you. I will never harm you. I will never fail you. My voice will never lead you into darkness,