Daily Devotional: Faithful and True

Lord, I thank you that you are always faithful and true to Me. I exalt your holy name and praise you for your wonderful works in My life and among your people. You are my wise counselor, leading me, instructing me, and giving me an enlightened path to walk upon. Thank you for your marvelous works in My life, and


Don’t attribute the difficulties that you are going through to Me, says the LORD. I Am not the author of them. The enemy is. He wants you to believe that I Am teaching you a lesson and punishing you for something that you did or something that you neglected to do. Don’t believe that lie. I Am your HEALER, and

Greater Works Are Coming!

I Am wonderful to you, says the Lord. WONDERFUL! I do great wonders, and will do even greater things in the midst of you. For I will put Myself on display as I pour out My Spirit and rain down My glory. You will KNOW that I Am the Almighty, as I astound you in all that I do. You