Daily Devotional: Glory, Honor and Power

Thank you, Lord, that you are MY SAVIOR and LORD, and I praise your holy name. For you have created all things for your pleasure, including me and those I love. We are yours, and we entrust our care to you, Who is all powerful, glorious, and has the highest honor. You are the Sovereign in our lives, and we

Do Not Condemn Yourself

Do not condemn yourself or call yourself unclean or unworthy, says the LORD. For I am the ONE who has washed you with My own blood, and made you pure and holy in Me. I have made you worthy Do not discredit My finished work on the cross for you, for not only have I cleansed you, and purified you,

You Are Worthy

I have entitled you and made you worthy to be My child with all the rights and privileges by My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you.  As you received My gift of life for you, I received you as My beloved child.  You have access to everything that I have, says the LORD.  I Am no