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  • Nov 22@ 12:02 amJune Reinke

    Hear My Voice!

    Hear ME now, says the LORD.  For I Am speaking.  You have heard the voice of others. You have listened to their opinions. You have heard the screeching sound of circumstances that are endeavoring to dictate. You have heard the roar of the enemy as he seeks to devour and destroy.  You have even heard your own thoughts that are rising to the surface and you have spoken them out of your own mouth.  Hear MY VOICE NOW and listen carefully to what I Am saying. For as you squelch out all the illegitimate sounds and become quiet in My presence, you will hear Me, and KNOW My still small voice within that will counsel you and direct you, says+

  • Be Still!

         Quiet yourself in My presence, says the LORD.  For you need not fret and fume.  Be calm and quiet, and know that I did not give you empty hope, but there is substance to your hope because of the+

  • You are Special!

         You are not an accident or an “oops,” but a special creation, says the Lord.  I made you meticulously.  Before your conception, I know you, and celebrated your birth with My heavenly host of angels.  They sang at+

  • Purified, Powerful, and Prepared!

         I Am preparing you as My bride, that will be without spot, wrinkle or blemish, says the LORD.  I have cleansed you from all unrighteousness by My own blood that was shed for you.  I Am washing you in+