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  • Nov 24@ 12:38 amJune Reinke

    I Am in Control!

    Nothing takes Me by surprise, says the LORD.  I Am aware of every plot of the enemy against you. I know every one of his diabolical decrees against you and know every assignment that he has, to distract and disturb you.  He cannot destroy My workmanship, and you are the work of My hands.  He cannot set you back, as I order every step that you take.  He cannot destroy MY Works, but I will destroy his.  He cannot nullify My Word nor My Work nor My will, for I Am the Sovereign.  I Am in control.  My purposes and plans will not be altered, and he cannot destroy you or your destiny in Me, says the LORD. My Words+

  • I Am Your Companion, Comforter, Healer and Lover of Your Soul!

         My love for you is enduring, says the LORD.  Others have come and gone in your life, and have left you with a feeling of emptiness, abandonment, rejection, and loneliness.  But this is not true of Me.  I will+

  • Hear My Voice!

    Hear ME now, says the LORD.  For I Am speaking.  You have heard the voice of others. You have listened to their opinions. You have heard the screeching sound of circumstances that are endeavoring to dictate. You have heard the+

  • Be Still!

         Quiet yourself in My presence, says the LORD.  For you need not fret and fume.  Be calm and quiet, and know that I did not give you empty hope, but there is substance to your hope because of the+