My Prescription

Exhaustion and fatigue are not My prescription for your earthly sojourn, says the LORD. Frustration and failure are not from Me. I do not order this for your life, and I Am not the author of the confusion. I will never unsettle you, for MY WORD is forever settled in heaven, and MY WORD will establish you. My Word will bring deliverance to you. My Word will bring healing to you and health to ALL YOUR FLESH, as you trust and believe and receive it, says the LORD.

I have no hidden agenda. I will give clarity to you, says the LORD. I never grow weary or faint, and I desire you to walk in ME and MY SPIRIT. You need not ever fall, become weighed down under unnecessary weights and burdens, or encumbered with many cares. Sit at My feet. Breath in the breath of My Spirit! It is refreshing and rejuvenating and life giving! It will revitalize you and empower you to run and not grow weary, walk and not faint, as you enter into My rest, and unburden yourself. Do not engage in the lies of the enemy that wants you to struggle on your own, wear yourself out and fail miserably. For that is not for you. I AM the ONE who is called alongside to HELP YOU, to hold you up and keep you from falling or failing, and to bear your burdens for you. Come to Me and rest, and be replenished in strength and power. For you need never be depleted, and never be powerless and never be weary, as you continually wait on Me, and are refreshed and renewed by My Spirit, says the LORD.

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