The Pieces Will Come Together to Fulfill Your Kingdom Destiny

I habitually do a prayer walk around my neighborhood every morning as the weather permits.  I live on a dead-end road.  Nearing the end are two streets that connect, and go around in a circle.  I walk that circle as well before returning to my home.  Several days as I was walking, I noticed a puzzle piece lying face down on the right side of the road around the circle.  A few days later I saw another piece about 20 feet ahead of it, and it too was face down.  I just kept walking.  Days later I saw one more piece near my house on the side of the road that was face down, more than a mile away.   I walked past it about an eighth of a mile before returning to pick it up.

Because I had an appointment that morning, I had to take the car to return to the place where the other two were.  They were over a mile away, around the circle. When I got out of the car to retrieve them, I found two more pieces.  One was a corner piece that was face up on the other side of the road, and the other was in the middle of the road.   I knew they were a prophetic sign.

The next day, I discovered two more, and asked My assistant pastors, who also walk daily and live on my same street to be on the lookout for more pieces.  They found 5 pieces over the next several days, and I found 6 more pieces.  Although there are only a few pieces of the puzzle, there were enough of them to know that it from the animated Walt Disney movie called, “Frozen.”

It is noteworthy that these pieces had been there for a long time before I picked them up.  They had weathered many storms, the HOT Florida sun, wind, vehicles driving over them, and even lawn mowers.  They were scattered over a mile.  Most of them were face down.  The ones that I had seen days before picking them up remained in the same place that I had first seen them.  I did not have to look for the initial ones, because they were right there on the path ahead.  But later, I began to search for them on each side of the road and around the circle as I walked that same path I have done for months.

Four of the pieces fit together, representing the North, South, East and West.  Three others link to represent the trinity:  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  There is the Spirit, the water and the blood what brings unity.  They also represent the resurrection of Christ on the third day.  After death came life.  They represent the trinity of man:  body, soul and spirit.  The corner piece represents Christ, who is the chief corner stone. There are three edge pieces that represent the foundation we build upon, which is none other than Jesus.

Often, we have pieces of our lives that do not seem to fit into our destiny purpose.  They seem to have no connection to anything significant.  The Lord spoke to me before I ever picked up any of these pieces of a puzzle that He is going to connect these fragments of our lives together and fit those pieces in place that did not seem like they belonged.  He is formulating your destiny purpose and His master plan.  There will be a congruence between your spirit, soul and body, that have sometimes operated separately.


He is going to bring unity to the three, so that what you are in SPIRIT becomes what you are in SOUL and BODY when it pertains to your purpose and destiny in Him.  The Spirit and your heart are the same.  The Lord dwells in your heart by faith.  In order to have our bodies come under subjection, our minds must be transformed.  We have the mind of Christ, and our minds must be renewed daily.  We must relinquish the inferior thought patterns that are of this lower realm in earth and become aligned with the higher thoughts of GOD.  In order to go to a new level that is higher, we must align with His higher thoughts and ways.

Our body will go in the direction that our minds go.  The congruence comes when we not only have His higher thoughts and think them and speak them but do them!   This will propel you toward your destiny in Him and His kingdom purposes will unfold.

We know in part and prophecy in part.  We see through a glass darkly.  It is often foggy and unclear, and our vision lacks distance.  But we have enough of the picture to KNOW what the outcome is to be.  God will show you your purpose and destiny as you walk by faith and not sight, as you walk in HIS Spirit and focus on HIS KINGDOM and let that be your pursuit.  It is a daily walk. It requires daily faith.  You must take the steps that He orders and walk in the light that He gives you.  His Word, the rhema and logos, is a lamp onto your feet, a light onto your path.  You will have light ahead of you.

Sometimes we ignore pieces of the puzzle and walk past them.  We will have to GO BACK and pick up these pieces.  We may walk past them without discovery for many days, months, and even years.  But they will manifest themselves, even though you did not see them for a length of time.  Many are upside down, with no color, no picture, and nothing that you can recognize.  But when they are turned around, they will have a design and you will see them for what they are.

God is going to turn YOU around so that you will not miss the important aspects that you did not see fitting or purposeful.  He will turn things around for you so that you will see the connections.  He will give you the missing pieces so that your destiny purpose becomes clearer, and as you walk in Him, you will become complete IN HIM!   You will discover more as you walk.  Your destiny is not a destination, but a walk.  It is ongoing.  Things will begin to unfold. Things will come together. You will begin to understand and have clarity as you walk.

Often people are frustrated when there are missing pieces of the puzzle they are working on and even discard it for one piece that is lost.  Some have abandoned their destiny purpose because it did not come together in a timely way or a perfect and complete way.  They valued the missing pieces more than what they had in their hands and put more thought into what they did not have or see and know then what they already had.

It is a progressive work of grace that propels you forward.  The car that I used to retrieve some of the pieces is a ministry vehicle.  We do what is in front of us, and MORE WILL COME.  Do what you know to do now, and keep walking, keep moving, keep the FAITH.  The picture will not be complete until we are about to cross the finish line and are able to say as the Apostle Paul said,  “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course,  I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the LORD, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

I see the circle that I walk around as a symbol of eternity and His eternal purposes as well.  It is also a sign of completion.  WHEN THE FULLNESS OF TIME SHALL COME, then the revelation will be there in its completeness.

I see the movie, “Frozen,” as being significant as a prophetic sign as well.   With only seven pieces of the puzzle (and none connecting), the picture was recognized.  Some of your destinies seem to be frozen in place.  Nothing grows.  It is a cold place, and you are bogged down with heaviness as you try to keep warm enough to function.  Some of you are frozen in fear.  Some are frozen in place, with no sign of life.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life.  Your life is hid in Him.  The fire of the HOLY SPIRIT will melt the icy conditions, bring new life and hope for your future and destiny purpose will return.  You see the plan and know the purpose. The will of GOD shall be accomplished, and He that begun a good work in you will establish you, furnish you, perfect you and complete you, and your destiny that you believed was dead and frozen and hopeless, will be raised in NEWNESS OF LIFE IN HIM, by His SPIRIT.    He is the master builder.  He is in charge of your times and seasons.

Though you have been in a winter season, the SON will shine, the light will come, the warm winds of His SPIRIT will blow and breathe on you NEW LIFE, the seeds of your faith will grow and you will move forward in your destiny purpose.  The pieces will come together, and you will be together, and He will align you with others who also will connect with you to help you to discover some of the missing pieces.

Your times and seasons are in the hands of GOD.  He will finish what He has started.  He will fulfill every purpose that He has for you to do under the sun.  Take hope, for the pieces are coming together, the vision returning, and your destiny will unfold according to the will of GOD that is always on time, always complete and always accomplished as you patiently wait on Him, trust in Him at all times, and walk with Him.

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