I Will Turn Things Around

Do not say that it is no use, for your hope is dried up and you will not see My goodness and mercy and justice in the land of the living in your days, says the LORD. For I will turn things around. I will do what will astound you and many will be shocked at My power and what I will put on display in the earth. I Am not giving the kingdoms of the earth over to the dark one. I Am the KING OF GLORY and the earth is MINE! You are MY people that are called by MY NAME, and you will not be the tail. You will be the head. I will bring you up to the top in a fast turnaround, says the LORD.

I Am shifting things, and I will shift you from defeat to sudden victory, says the LORD. I will take you from the obscure and bring you into light. I will furnish you, as I own the gold and the silver. I will shift you out of the mundane and you will delight in Me! For those who have waited for ME will surely never be disappointed. I will disappoint the plans of the enemy and encamp around him with My fury and glory and destroy his diabolical weapons, burn up his assignments and show forth My glory and power. My name will be glorified and magnified, says the LORD.

Wake up to My glory, says the LORD and put your hand over your mouths, all you that says there is no use and our hope is gone. For I will do great and mighty things that you will witness in the land of the living as I pour out My SPIRIT of grace. I will cause My people who waited for Me to rejoice with exceeding joy, as I will be known as the Resurrection and the LIFE in the MIDST of them, says the LORD.

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